Bringing You Closer And Closer To Climax!

Relax, take a seat and let your naughty vixxxen take care of you! I want to bring you to the point where you feel that first pulse of your cock, right before you start to cum and then I stop. I want to lick you, tease you and please you. Just want you to get frustrated, I want to see that agony on your face and I want you to beg. I WANT for you to NEED to climax! I want to take you to ecstasy and drive you crazy at the same exact time with the hottest climax in history!

When you sat down as I’ve directed you, I immediately bring out the zip ties and I restrained your arms and legs. Intrigued, you sat there quietly not knowing what was going on and watched me as I continued to execute my plans on you. You sat there, quiet and helpless….just the way I want you! Shortly after I used the zip ties, to restrain your hands and feet, I then placed a blindfold over your eyes and began my seduction.

I then grabbed a pair of scissors and began to slowly cut the clothes off of your body. Along the way, I stopped at various points on you and either licked, kissed or sucked on different parts of your body, ever so briefly.

Once I finally had all of your clothes cut off, I ran the tip of my tongue down the side of your neck, made my way down towards your stomach and finally hit my mark! You began to push up with your hips, as you could feel my mouth hovering above that throbbing cock of yours. The moment you did that, was the moment I completely moved my mouth away from your groin area and made my way up towards your nipples…..hmm I loved flicking them with my tongue.

When I was satisfied that you were longing for my mouth to be around that cock, I forcefully plunged my mouth down on your fuck stick and I began to work it, harder and harder. I clenched my mouth around your throbbing rod and began to move my head violently up and down. Could feel your balls swell, your cock throb and without any warning whatsoever, I stopped.

I could hear your painful sigh and couldn’t help, but get more turned on, as I watched you bite your lip.

It was then that I took off all of my clothes and propped myself up so that I could run my hot juicy box all over your body. I placed my pussy right in front of your face and without a word, your tongue naturally found its way in between my lips. Hmmm it felt so good and the moment I blew my feminine load all in your mouth, I could tell how pleased with yourself you were… this point, I looked down at your cock and all I could see was the pre-cum of yours leaking out of your cock, like hot wax running down a candle!

Just then, I hovered above your cock and…….when you call me, I will tell you every single detail of exactly what I did to you and how it felt when we both reached the hottest climax we have ever had!

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