As a cocky hot girl, I love being mean and naughty. Along with that, making fun of losers like you with itty bitty little dicks is a real joy. Of course, that is where my bratty small penis humiliation comes into play.

It is a blast to use it and my big tits SPH torture on the men with inadequate equipment. Turns out, there are more than you would expect in the world. Sadly, big dicks are in the minority.

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So, when I run into a wanker with a tiny pickle, I pull out my bratty small penis humiliation.

Now, like a naughty cum slut, I may or may not be deceptive about my plans. Chances are, I am going to be extremely deceptive and set them up for my nasty fun.

It is fun starting with some flirting. A lot of these guys don’t get attention from girls like me. So, when they do, they get all goofy and happy. Teasing them with some sexy smiles and cleavage and they are weak-kneed for me.

Once I get them making out and convince them to get naked with me, it is on, baby! And, who can blame me when their tiny bean is out in the open. I bring out my bratty small penis humiliation.

Some of the guys are so weak, they are crying within minutes.

Although, some surprise me. Those mother fuckers can take the heat I am giving. Of course, I always wear them down. It just takes longer and my game has to be more intense.

With so many of the wimpy weasels, harsh words and embarrassing statements are enough. However, for those guys that have the harder shells, it requires bringing in the big dog stuff.

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Of course, that is why my bratty small penis humiliation is so important. Without it, men are going around with the false idea their tiny rods are enough.

Happily, I am not one of those “nice” women that lie to men because they “don’t want to hurt their feelings.”

Fuck that, let’s be honest and tell them the truth! Their little dicks are inadequate and they are losers. We need men with big cocks to please us!

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