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I can’t help that I am such a horny little teen slut! I was young when I learned just what a perfect perky pair of primo tits like mind could be used for. Guided Masturbation is a part of the reason I became such a hot phone sex operator. It all started with this poor nerd in school. All the girls picked on him only because they were missing what I was seeing. Pushing against the pleat in his ironed khakis was a rather large bulge. Especially for his young age, he had quite an outline. They could mock him all they wanted, I just wanted me a slice of it.

This is where guided masturbation helps me.

Being a smart girl I knew he used to wait for all the others in the gym to change first. They made fun of him for having a tiny dick however, I was about to show him he was anything but. I walked into the locker room and stood behind him. I had on my sexy wedge tennis shoes with knee-high socks that day. My perfect tits were covered in a crop top and pink leather jacket. Of course, my ass had the most perfect pleated white skirt to barely cover it.

He turned around slowly after I snapped one of the open locker doors closed. His eyes bulged as the looked up my stems all the way to my hungry eyes. He gulped back a large wad of spit into his throat. He began to stumble back as I stalked towards him till he was pinned against the wall, lockers on either side of him. “I know you watch me, Archie,” I said to him sucking my lower lip into my mouth. “I have been watching you too and, I know you got quite a surprise for me.”

Poor Archie had no idea just how hungry I was for him.

I reached my hand out and grabbed onto his already bulging gym shorts. All he could do was let out a subtle “Ooooh…,” from surprise. As I ran my hand down the length of it I took his tip till almost the hem of his gym shorts. I knelt down in front of him so that his cock was right in my line of sight. Putting both of my hands on my thighs I opened my legs allowing my skirt to roll up. I exposed to him my perfect pair of white cotton panties hugging my pussy slit. His eyes looked down and then lift back up, his cock twitch with arousal.

“Touch it for me, Archie,” I whimpered looking up at him with my brown eyes. “I want you to stroke your throbbing cock, and it wants you to too.” My eyes adjusted from looking up at him back to his bulging boner licking my top lips and salivating. He stuffed his hand into his pants and began to fumble with it pulling it from his shorts nervously. I nodded my head up and down and encouraged him to stroke it more. “That’s a good boy Archie, grab it at the base and stroke it all the way up.” Turned on I took off my top and exposed my tits to him. I could tell he did not do this often enough.

As I continued his guided masturbation my cunt dripped.

I sucked my lower lip into my mouth and bit into it as I switched my gaze back and forth between his face and large cock. My fingers moved towards my own pussy as I began to enjoy guided masturbation as much as he was. My pussy was dripping wet as I greedily encouraged him to dump his load all over my perfect tits. I told him how all of the guys would be jealous of how massive his cock was. It was true, if I had more time I would have rode his studly cock just for all of those jocks to see. He would have broken me. “Give me your cum Archie, shower your load all over my perfect tits,” I continued to encourage him.

I could not take it anymore I grabbed his cock and pulled up and down it. “This cum will be mine, Archie!”  As a result, he popped his top covering me in his load. Seems like Archie really enjoyed that!

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