Branding is the greatest, most exhilarating, thing in the world.

Branding is absolutely erotic for a good slave because it means she did well. This is true, especially for a good, hard-working, obedient slave. All my life I’ve always wanted to find that perfect connection, that perfect relationship, where I’d be willing to completely relinquish ALL of my control ALL of my free wills to my Master.  This is my phone sex fantasy. This is how I imagine it when I masturbate…..

It’s a dark room. Candles are lit in a circle about six feet in diameter. I’m sitting right in the middle of the fiery circle. I can feel not only the heat of the flames but the body heat of the onlookers that stand outside the cleansed circumference. I’m completely naked sitting with half my weight on my hands, which are behind me. My legs are bent; my knees pressed together, my feet spread as far apart as they can get. This branding is what I’ve been craving my whole life and now it’s finally time to really, truly, belong to someone. Completely. My free will would be gone very soon.

First comes the act of shaving.

Shaving is first because it makes the process (and my pussy) smoother and easier. He bends down in front of me with a straight razor on his hand. He places a hand on both of my knees and pulls them apart.

No water. No lotion. A slick dildo, however, lies on a soft cloth to my Master’s right. He picks it up and slides it deep inside my tight pussy. I throw my head back as I feel it enter me. I moan and sigh in the pleasure of it. He leaves the dildo in me, licks his finger, and rubs my clit. Now he is ready to begin shaving my pussy. As he works I feel the razor and I can see my lips and skin turning red. The pain isn’t great and the pleasure outweighs it. But when he’s done my pussy is silky smooth and ready for his brand.

One of the onlookers passes him the hot iron branding symbol because it’s time.

It’s a curled snake.

Its head is in the center of its spiraled body. It’s red hot and glowing because of the heat. My Master continues playing with my clit and tells me to thrust my dildo in and out of my pussy. The dildo is now slick with my pussy juice and it glistens in the candlelight. My head is thrown back as far as it will go and my cries of pleasure echo around the silent room.

Despite my moans, I hear him say “You are ready for my brand now, slave. With this branding you are MINE.” With that final word of making me his, I erupt in a powerful orgasm and the hot iron I’ve begged for comes down and seers into the flesh of the skin above my pussy. And my orgasm moans become a scream of pain and pleasure. White hot desire ran through my veins and is now etched into my smooth skin.

Now I am his. Will you make me yours? Give me a call because I want to know what it’s like to truly be owned.

Phone Sex Kingdom