Boating can be so much fun!

Boating is great because you can go alone, with friends or even just one other person. I love to be out on the water and down in the Florida Keys the water is gorgeous. Crystal clear and gorgeous.

Earlier today my boyfriend and I drove down to Key Largo and rented a boat for the afternoon. Owning a boat is super expensive and there is a lot of upkeep involved. Renting a boat is a great alternative for us city folks who don’t have the yard, the money or the time to own one.

We love to head out the sandbars and anchor the boat. It’s so much fun because we always pack a big cooler full of beer and water and a nice fat sack of weed. You just drop your beach chairs right down into the water and chill with a cold beer. Nothing is better in life, I promise you!

Today, after a few hours out on the water, my boyfriend and I were getting super horny. Something about that hot sun and the gentle movements of the boat just gets me going every time.

Have you ever given head while boating? It’s incredibly erotic to suck your man off while he pilots the vessel. I dropped to my knees while he was steering the boat and pulled out his thick, yummy cock. I adore sucking his dick and always get so much enjoyment from it.

It’s almost like it’s a bonus that he enjoys it too! It’s all for me.

He didn’t want to cum in my mouth though. He had other plans for where he wanted to plant his huge load. Then he laid me out on the deck on the boat on my back and pulled my legs straight up into the air. Sliding his cock inside of my pussy, hard and fast, he began to fuck me so deliciously well.

Something about the motion of the ocean helps me cum when I’m getting fucked on a boat. It never fails. I came all over my mans cock, with the sun beating down on our bodies. What a wonderful day we had out on the boat!

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