Blowing the Groom

Blowing the Groom on his special day. That is exactly what I did. I wasn’t invited to the wedding. It was one of my ex- lover’s special day and I guess he didn’t want me to meet his bride to be.

I decided to pay him a visit anyway. After finding out which  church where the ceremony was going to be,  I put a sexy tight dress and my hot red 4-inch heels and I walked right into the church.  Saying  hello to the people gathering for the wedding., I even said smiled at the minister as I headed to the hallway of the dressing rooms. I walked right  passed the room where the bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready.

I kept going till I found the Men’s Dressing Room. So I walked in and saw Dan, my Ex’s best friend. I smiled and asked him where Tom was. Dan looked me up and down and said, “Oh Sara- you are so evil!” he pointed to the bathroom. I walked in on Tom while he was pulling down his slacks.

“You are actually going to do this, aren’t you?” I grinned at him as he turned around and looked stunned as he saw me.

“Fuck, Sara- you actually came!” He looked nervous.

“Don’t worry Babe, I am not going to be a problem. I just want to give you your wedding gift.” I said as I walked up to him and got on my knees. Before he could resist, I took his cock out and started to stroke it. I licked the head of his cock till it started to grow. I put his cock in my mouth and let him mouth fuck me till I had a mouthful of cum. Then I got back on my feet and opened my mouth. I showed him his hot load before I swallowed it.

“Congrats, Babe!” I whispered to my ex-lover. Oh yeah,  then I blew Dan, the Best Man just as the church organ started to play a hymn.

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