Blackmail phone sex is a specialty of mine. Dr. Philips is a very bad doctor, but he’s good at his job. He has a very bad habit of fucking his young patients. I’ve been seeing him in his office during lunch breaks for the past few months.  Just recently, his wife stated getting suspicious to his naughty activities.  He knew if she were to leave him, he would lose all his money to her.  Hot young wet pussy or Divorce – tough choice, so now he wanted to break things off with me. That’s not going to happen. I love fucking him; he’s cute and has a very big dick.  I set up my regular appointment for Tuesday. He almost declined, but I assured him that this would be our last adventure. I had other ideas en-store for him.

I couldn’t resist dressing in a beautiful black pencil skirt, soft white blouse, silky sheer black stockings and stiletto heels.  I went into his office and put my handbag on the counter and slipped out my camera. I turned it on and turned my attention to Dr. Philips.  I stood in front of him and ran my hands over his chest, while kissing him passionately.  He couldn’t resist me, as he reached up and took my top off.  Slowly he slipped his fingers into the waistband of my skirt and tugged it down with my panties. I helped him undressed, as my lips made their way to his already throbbing cock.  I loved making him beg for me to suck his cock. I didn’t hold back, especially since I knew the camera was recording everything.

I hopped up on the exam table, as he pushed himself between my creamy thighs.  Slowly separating and slipping himself into the one hole he couldn’t refuse.  He slid his hands up my legs and pushed a finger into my pussy. He pumped it in and out of me, as I started to get wet.  My juices started dripping down the crack of my luscious ass. He leaned over me, as I wrapped my legs around his waist and he moved forward. His dick parted my pussy lips and pushed into me deeper and deeper. He groaned, as I surrounded him and pulled him deeper into me.  He started fucking me, while telling me how tight and wet my hot young snatch felt.  I gasped loudly, making a show for the camera and told him to fuck me harder. “Fuck me harder Dr Phillips.  I want ever inch of your cock deep inside me.”  I moaned loudly.  He grunted even louder with pleasure, as he told me how hot I was and his breath tickled my neck. I begged him to go harder and clenched my pussy tight around his shaft. He moaned at the pressure and moved faster. He rocked into me and I titled my head up, closing my eyes. I groaned loud then let out a cry as I came. A few thrusts later and his came too, filling me with his cum.

I climbed off the table and got dressed then went over to the counter. I grabbed my camera and stopped the video, rewinding it to the middle. Dr. Philips was now dressed and was trying to usher me out of the room when I showed him the camera. He told me that he didn’t have time right now, he had other patients to see and that he thought it would be best if I found a new doctor. I hit play and the sounds of us fucking filled the room. That shut him up and he stared at the screen. After a few seconds he tried to grab it away from me, but I was too quick for him and he told me to delete it right now. I just laughed and told him that from now on he’d fuck me whenever I wanted and if he didn’t then I’d show this video to his wife.  Ready for more naughty details of my follow-up visit?

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