Blackmail sex stories, Get on your knees and beg!

Blackmail sex stories, Get on your knees and beg me not to! Humiliation role play that I thought was just downright fun! I love to be dominant as well as submissive so I thought of this role play to show you a little of my dominant side. You are my boyfriend and things are pretty serious between us, However, you made me very mad because I caught you looking at another girl. Really I mean who the fuck do you think you are?? So I came up with a plan to punish you the way you deserve to be punished.

So we get home from shopping at Victoria secret which is where I saw you checking out another woman. As you know I got a new corset and panties to match my new heels. I pull them out of the bag and I call you into the room, you have no idea what is waiting for you so that I can dominate you. You walk in the room and I quickly lock it behind you. Smuggly you smile you think I want to fuck… Silly boy! I pick up the corset and tell you how I think it would look cute on you, Of course, you say no so I act like it would turn me on if you would do it. “No one has to know but us” I whisper in your ear like an angelic devil.

Blackmail sex stories, Making you my bitch!

After some convincing, I get you to put it on but what you don’t realize is that I set up a camera somewhere in the room. ” Look at you all dolled up for me,” I say in a demeaning voice. “Get on your knees” I command! Protesting and whining like a little bitch, how pathetic! “Do you want me to send people the video I am making of you right now?” Your face showing pure confusion and humiliation. I couldn’t help it I smiled wickedly. Quickly you drop to your knees and I motion for you to crawl to me. As you reach my feet I hold up my foot for you to kiss it. While you are kissing my foot I whip you hard across the back, catching you by surprise.

“Time for you to take my strap-on,” I say as a matter of factly. You look up at me with huge eyes and beg me not to while on your knees.

If you like Strap-ons you will love my role play so let’s get naughty and act out the rest together!


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