Do you like blackmail sex stories?

I was sitting at the house one day when my husband Mark came in and said that he lost his job.  He works for a Larg Law Firm. After about a week of moping around the house and laying on the couch like a couch potato, I could not take it anymore. I told him to get his ass up and to take a shower and put on the best suit he has. He looked confused at first, so I told him we were going to the firm to try and get his job back and that our couch could not take any more of his slouching. But I did not know what was fixing to happen, this was about to turn into one of my best blackmail sex stories.

We got to the firm and you could tell Mark was nervous.  Buy the time we got to the door and looking up the building you could see he was more nervous then he was sitting in the car. I grabbed his hand that was drenched in sweat.  We made our way inside and headed to the elevator. Surprisingly the floor was pretty dead. All you could see what the secretaries behind their desk.  We got in the elevator and made our way up to the 120th floor. Were the CEO of the company works. As we were in the elevator you could tell he was getting more nervous. I told him to calm down as I reached over to grab his cock. He looked shocked and pulled my hand away. He said right now wasn’t the time or the place.

The Begging Of How I Got Marks Job Back

We reached the top floor, It was a big room with a large pond in the middle.  We went into the CEOs room.  Danny the CEO is a tall handsome man. We walked up to Danny and Mark and I reached out to shake his hand he shook mine and kissed it but left Mark nothing. I asked Danny about getting Marks job back, he looked at me with a glare and said there was no way in hell that he would. Because he has lost all but 2 cases. I asked if there anyway, he looked me up and down smiled and said there is one way and this was the begging of my blackmail sex stories.

I told Mark to go wait in the car, and that I needed to talk to Mr. Danny alone. He said he would go out and get some coffee and smoke and come back, I said ok. When he left the room I looked at Danny and asked what he would like to do. He told me he wanted to bend me over his desk and that I would have to do what he tells me for Mark to keep his job.  I agreed and started to unbutton my shirt.

When The Fun Began

He came up behind me and started kissing my neck and rubbing his hands up and down my breast. I asked him if I did this would he give Mark his job back, he said if I do this he would give him his job back and also give him a rais. He put his hands done my paints and started playing with my clit.  I could not help but to get excited, he was so hot and tall and even though I am married I could not help but melt in his hands.

I had him undo my bra and throw it across the floor. He started licking and sucking on my nipples and worked his way down to my skirt. He took his hands and unzipped it. I could feel the chill bumps start running across my body. As he pulled down my thongs I could feel his warm breath crossing my thighs. I laid him down across his desk and pulled his hard throbbing cock out of his paints. All of a sudden I could feel this rush come across me. I knew then, this was going to be one of the best blackmail sex stories I have.

If you would like to know what happens next please don’t be shy.  Come help me play out my blackmail phone sex fantasy!

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