Blackmail Sex Stories: Where does your wife really think you are?

Blackmail Sex Stories are the best, especially when they involve a super unsuspecting wife that freaks the fuck out! I would love to talk to you and make you feel like you’re super special, and that I’m genuinely concerned about you!! Only to turn it into exactly what I want and need! To use your deepest darkest secrets against you in a totally epic blackmail story!

Have you been seeking someone to blackmail you? Using your precious info against you? Have you ever thought of the consequences of letting a hot young teen run rampage on your life?

Knowing how ruthless and unpredictable young girls are is totally the best part, not knowing what’s in store for you and how fucked your life is about to be!

I know what you need, know exactly how to give you that cock throbbing danger that you seek so eagerly. Allow me to show you your deepest desires giving you everything you need and more.

Succumb to your wants, and forget about your saftey. Enter the lion’s den and allow me to play with you! I know exactly what you need, and can give it to you without even lifting a finger. Allow me to talk you through the scenario.

Does your wife not know you’re a sissy? Maybe she doesn’t know how obsessed with hot young girls you are? Allow me to tell her.  Allow me to scare you into the best orgasm you have ever had.

Let’s play! Forget about that poor wife of yours and how it may affect her.

You need to think about yourself and how it would make you feel to be manipulated by a hot young teen.

Blackmail is dangers, are you ready to take the next step towards no return? To allow yourself to fall victim to a deviant princess?


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