Black Sex and The BBC: the hunt for the big, black, beautiful cock.

I imagine that most woman devote their pussies to the pursuit and acquisition of strong, powerful black men for the one and only Black Sex.  After all, any decent preying Cougar knows the value of deep dicking. The kind of deep dicking that only comes from long, thick, black dick.

At least once a month, my friends and I gather together at a bar in downtown Los Angeles for drinks. We all make sure we wear sexy heels and a short skirt to show off our the lace tops of our thighs highs and allow imagination to take over. Our subtle way of letting the men know what we are all after. As a nymphomaniac and a classy lady slut, colossal, delicious, long, thick black cock and I won’t settle for anything less when I’m ready to be animalistic!

“Thanks, but I love big black cock,” I heard my girlfriend saying to a white guy who had walked up.

“So, you don’t like white cock?” he asked in response.

“I do, I just love delicious, big, black cock. It’s my thing.” He turned around and left.

“What was that?” I asked, walking up to my beautiful redheaded friend.

“Oh, he was auditioning for me.”

I smiled, “He wasn’t right for the roll, not the right parts for him.” I winked at her. We need a star for Black sex.

“I like what I like, and speaking of what I like…” My friend started pointing toward the door. Two giant black cocks walked into the bar. We looked at each other and moved our way to the bar.  Fine specimens; these two men tall, bald, ripped and long, big, black cock, halfway down their thighs. We all exchanged glances and played our usual game. “A hundred bucks to the first scorer!”

There was only enough room for a few people at the bar and me and my girlfriend squeezed in.

The two men, just as we had planned it, stood right next to us at the bar. I’m a bit more subtle. My friend not so much. She started tapping her toes to bring attention to her legs. They noticed her immediately, but played cool and took a minute, but it worked. One of them looked down. His eyes moved from her ankle all the way up her body slowly. His eyes seemed to glow as they passed over her curves on the way up.

We turned to leave for a high-top table. The guy motioned to his friend who turned to look at us. We sat face to face with them and learned a bit about them.  Our effort to make polite conversation with a dripping wet pussy.  They got a couple of beers and moved in. They seemed to divvy us up immediately in their minds and walked to each of us. The one that was walking toward me was the taller of the two. He also had a bigger bulge in the front of his pants and diamond earrings hanging on that gorgeous bald black head. Yummy chocolate for me tonight.

“So, you ladies love big black cock,” the one walking toward my friend said.

It seemed they had the blunt friend too. Perfect match. “It depends on if you have a big cock or not. I can see you’re black. But we’re not sure if those are socks in your pants, or cocks,” my friend said. “Inquiring minds would like to know.” Ah, who doesn’t love steamy black sex?

To Be Continued…I love a night on the town that ends up with sweaty, long, intense Black sexWant more dirty sex stories?

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