The husband longs to see that dreamy look of gratitude and surrender from the Big Black Bull.

Beautiful white women paired with a virile big black bull: it becomes a curiosity that can make a husband dig into the depths of this obsession in private. He’s opened sites that show women willingly submissive to the demands of a well-endowed black stud. The women’s satisfaction is obvious. Some are other men’s wives. Orgasms come one after the other. The look of passion is etched on their lovely faces.

Their sex life adventure has become mundane but she considers him a good husband and provider. Yet there is something inside every married female still ingrained in their psyche that attracts them to powerful males.  Once the wedding ring is on; that compulsion is easily locked away. Yet ever more frequently:  successful, happily married couples release that base female desire to mate with the best example of manhood for their own mutual satisfaction.

Her husband longs to see that dreamy look of gratitude and surrender.

He craves his wife’s orgasmic bliss and deep down he knows the woman on video, on her back with legs spread wide and groaning with her release beneath a hard-driving Bull could be his own beautiful wife.  His excitement brings the planting of the seeds of curiosity.  “Did she ever wonder?” he says. She may laugh and dismiss the possibility.

But he keeps coming back to it. His wife becomes less and less resistant to his suggestions. Soon the same desire becomes hers as well:  her thoughts being occupied even when he’s not around.

It may be using that black fantasy during sex or sharing a video together;   but once the persistent urging of a husband makes her agree to even the smallest concession of his fetish: her desire to give herself to an Alpha male will bloom and flourish.

She explores and experiments with her husband. They research together. Soon another loving wife is gratefully compromised: breeding with the hard thick black manhood of a bull.

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