Bite Me and make me CUM! The Art of the fetish Odaxelagnia

Do you know what makes me cum hard? Biting! I love to bite into a man’s flesh, I also love to feel someone biting into me. It makes me so crazy. There is a name for this fetish, and it is called “odaxelagnia”, or the Vampire Fetish. I get so turned on when I am having hot sweaty sex with a guy and I feel his teeth digging deep into my ass.

Might bite into his leg or nipple as we are fucking. I like the taste of his sweaty flesh while his cock is thrusting into my pussy. I think biting makes me cum harder. Sometimes when I am not expecting that surge of pain, I squirt.

I had a boyfriend a few years ago who got me into biting. He said he craved the taste of my skin. Also he wanted to leave his mark on me. He would fuck me hard and I would have “love bites” on my tits and neck. The first few times with him I was annoyed that he left bruises from his bites on me. Then I found myself wanting more. I liked the pain and I liked biting him back. I like licking and sucking a guy and then finding a sweet spot to dig my teeth into.

Then I get wet just feeling his teeth against my skin. Then they dig into me. I almost imagine that he will really take a bite out of me. It turns me on because it is so dangerous and sexy! Do you like to bite? Want to take a bite of my soft young skin?

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