I joined a Bite Club recently.  Although, I had NO IDEA how much of an impact it would have on my life, until…I WAS the one BITING!  And BEFORE you get all judgy on me, did you know that more than half the people of sexual age ENJOY the act of biting and being bitten?  Think about it.  It sort of goes all the way back to Mom STOPPING you from biting as a tot, right?  Remember the sensation of sinking your teeth in, to just about….there? LOL.  After all, it’s a mild form of sadism. Nothing full-blown.

Of course, I knew well the carnal pleazurez of have the delicate pink folds of my girlie-bits.  But, as I said before, sinking your pearly whites into another is an unmatched delight.  Likewise, The Bite Club provides all the meat a girl can eat. And, I DO mean eat!  From the moment the doors swing open, there it all is.  Like walking through a human petshop.  I get first dibs!

There was a sexy gentleman with white hair at the back of the club.  Again, I’m not the shy type.  So, I approached aggressively.  “You!  Cum with me.”  That’s all it took and he was mine.  By and large, this night was turning into a winner!  Immediately, I had him on his back with his legs pulled back.  In the distance, I could hear his screams of pleazure and pain.  But, that couldn’t stop me from sinking my teeth in deeper! He lifted his ass and thrust it harder against my teeth.  After all, who am I to deny a man his deepest, carnal desires?  So, I gave him what he needed; and that’s to be possessed by me.

I can’t contain my Blood Lust.


Can you deny my charms?