Part 2 of my bisexual fun!

My last blog left us meeting my sexy bisexual bohemian hottie at the door in nothing but my poet’s shirt and a smile. My nameless conquest had a bottle of Dom in her hand, and I knew that before too long I would be splashing it over her perfect breasts in the hot tub, then licking her clean, and vice versa.

I invited her in, prepared to be the aggressor in the situation. Imagine my surprise when, as I was leading her through the kitchen to the back door (the hot tub is located on my back patio) she pulled me to a stop by my hand; pushed me against the refrigerator, and pressed her long, lean body against mine, hands up my shirt, feeling my naked body all over underneath! I whispered to her that I wasn’t used to my bisexual conquests being quite so forward; usually I have to do some teaching! She laughed softly and whispered into my ear that she wasn’t bisexual. She was a full on lesbian.  So no instruction was necessary with her!

Oh. My. Goodness.

It had been ages since a girl besides ME had been in the driver’s seat! I usually unconsciously pick out submissive women. But again, as I said in last week’s blog. She wasn’t my usual cup of tea, so I should have expected a surprise or two along the way! We continued out to the hot tub, where I had 2 glasses, an ice bucket. Some of my toys specifically made for under-water play, and of course 2 huge bath towels for us to dry each other with once we’re ready to go to the bedroom.

With one expert tug at the bottom of my poet’s shirt, she pulled it completely down, exposing my big, perfect tits, and that smoothly shaved little mound, with it’s trimmed landing strip. She purred in delight when she saw that soft, smooth little kitty! 😉 I could tell that she liked the way her hot new random bisexual lover took care of her hot body. Hot stud, cute bisexual, or sexy lesbian; no matter! My body is ready 24/7 for play at a moment’s notice! You never know when you’re going to run into your next potential fucking situation, and this was one of those nights that proves that statement.

I was about to step down into the hot, bubbling water when she surprised me by getting down on her knees! She guided my hot little snatch right over her mouth and without any preface, jumped right in! Her long, flexible tongue worked it’s way right up into me, tongue fucking that hot little pussy in a way that made my legs weak! This was crazy. I’m used to being the hot bisexual slut that is tongue fucking some poor girl until she nearly faints!

I tried to move away from her mouth a little; the pleasure was INTENSE!

She easily contained me by grabbing one perfect ass cheek in each hand and rooting me to the spot! Her tongue hungrily licked and probed and teased both my wet slit and swollen clit until there was nothing left to do but just let go; let the waves of orgasmic pleasure overtake my body; writhe all over her sexy face as she moaned into my pussy and eagerly licked up every drop of my cum.

She laughed as she stood up, and said she could tell most of my action had been with bisexual girls – not lesbians like herself. She took my hand and helped me down into the steamy hot bubbling water. Then I watched her undress – a sight to behold! Her willowy body almost seeming to glisten in the pale light cast from inside the house, and from the lights scattered around the interior of the hot tub. As she got in she moved to sit down behind me, so she could wrap her arms around me and lean my body back against her. Pulling my hair away from my neck, she planted some soft, sensual kisses as she whispered into my ear about all the dirty, sexy, intensely enjoyable things she was going to do to my body. ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

… it was a rather long list. 🙂 Call me if you want to hear about it!

Your dirty bisexual adventurer, 

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