A Birthday pornstar is just what my man craves; so, I give it to him; whether it’s my birthday, or not! LOL.  What exactly makes for an at-home pornstar?  First of all, I know how to KEEP it sexy.  I’m not preDICKtable, I ALWAYS think outside of my box! Haha.  In other words, I think as well on my BACK as I do on my feet!  He doesn’t CUM home to the same chick any two days in a row.  One day, I’m Pocahontas, the next a Pirate wench.  I try to treat my lovers the way I’d like to be treated.  In the words of a wise old owl…What you do to get him, are all the things you need to do to KEEP him, so…

This birthday, my birthday pornstar present is a sexy photo shoot, but not just ANY shoot.  Today, I’m his favorite sex symbol…Oh, I’ll BET you’d like me to tell you who, but that’s pretty irrelevant to YOU.  What really matters is that I’ll do ANYTHING to turn my man on and by anything…I DO mean ANY THING! So, I’ll greet him at the door and remove his clothes, and watch the look on his face.  So fucking sexy knowing how much I can turn him on!

At the perfect moment, when he’s well spent, I’ll gift him with his pictures; which will leave him even more breathless!  Watching him untie that box and seeing me in flagrante delicto…right there on paper.  His big surprise, is that LIFE-SIZED one hanging now in his house.  I have my ways of getting things done…trust me! It’s hanging over the fireplace with me sitting, spread-eagle and showing off my pretty, pink pussy.

I’m A Great Little Gift-Giver!


CUM Out To Play!