BIG Brother Has Teeny Weenie pt 2

Grabbing my I-phone and I ran back to my big brother’s room, I have to admit tasting my brothers load made my panties so wet. I couldn’t remember the last time my pussy had been this soaked. Liza was kneeling between my brother’s legs knocking his limp teeny weenie back and forth with her finger. “I see you’re having fun with that puny little cock.” She chuckled flicking it again and said, “I just love playing with his teeny dick.” Liza and I took turns taking pictures and videos of my big brother’s limp dick, even putting objects up next to it to show off its pathetic little size.

Once we told my brother that not only did we know about his teeny weenie, and that we have proof, he has no choice but to be our obedient slave and do everything we say or his little junk would be all over the internet.

“I got another idea get it hard again, let’s take a few of it when it’s hard.”

  Liza pinched his teeny weenie with her thumb and two fingers and twirled the little head around like we did earlier, but still, the thin stem was limp as a cooked noodle.  “It doesn’t want to wake up,” Liza looked up at me with a pout.  Smiling at her I said, “well after a guy cums once it takes a little more to get it stiff again.  Sometimes it takes more than just your hand Liza.”  Liza pinched the mushroom of his baby cock and held it straight up.  Leaning down she licked and suckled his little pecker like a push pop, which honestly they are the same size.  When my brother let out a soft moan of pleasure; scared he was waking up she moved back and his teeny weenie go.

“Don’t worry my brother’s not waking up, but it looks like you did wake up his baby pecker.”

  His little weenie was erect and throbbing, pointing straight to the ceiling and hard as a rock, more like a pebble.  We took a dozen more pictures and videos of that hard little pecker.  We even compared the size of his dick next to a permanent marker.  His cock was actually a little thicker, but not by much.  I was about to get the ruler off his desk to get an exact measurement of how “big” it was, but it wasn’t there.  “We better get out of here before we accidentally wake him up.”

“But I don’t want to leave his baby cock all hard and like this.” Liza leaned down again putting her mouth back on his little pecker, completely covering it.  Bobbing up and down on his tiny pecker.  I had never seen her suck off a guy before, especially my brother’s teeny weenie.  It was fucking hot, I was about to slide my hand inside my soaked panties and rub my clit when he blew his load in her mouth within seconds.  Some of the cum dripped out the corner of her mouth and ran down to his balls.  Liza wouldn’t stop sucking him until that shriveled pecker fell out her mouth.

Liza gave his limp little pecker a kiss on the tip leaving him naked in all his teeny weenie glory.

We sat on my bed laughing and joking about my brother’s teeny pecker looking thru the picture and videos.  We are going to have so much fun humiliating my brother for the rest of his life.  I turned off the lights and slid my hand down my damp panties, I could hear Liza already moaning.  The nights after getting worked up from watching so much porn, Liza and I would finger our pussy right next to each other.  Rubbing my clit before I slid my middle finger into my dripping wet pussy. I realized I was fingering myself, and imagining that my finger was my big brother’s little pecker pounding away at my pussy.  I know you teeny weenie pecker come be my brother too!!

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