My Not So Big Brother

I’ve always had this fucked up fantasy of fucking my not so big brother.  Not like the way most people think about it though. I want to take his anal virginity.  He is such a stupid overgrown frat boy!  His cock is maybe average size (six inches), but the little fuck is always trying to play it up like he’s fucking King Kong or something.  Just pathetic!

  But back to my fantasy.  I’ve often found myself day dreaming about his pale ass bent over my lap, his hands tied behind his back with my pantie hose, while I spank his ass til its cherry red.  It’s amazing how high pitch his whines can get.

 Now, before he starts to cry, I make him get on his knees.  I blindfold him so he doesn’t suspect the treat coming his way.  I put on my favorite nine inch, black strap-on and stand in front of his face.  Then I rub the head of my cock all over his cheeks and circle his girlish lips.  He opens his mouth nice and wide and takes my cock deep down his throat.  His eyes water and tears run down his face as he gags and gasps for air.

  I grab him by his hair and face fuck him like a good little fag boy.

Next, I have him bend back over the chair with his ass high in the air.  I rub my cock up and down his ass crack as he trembles in fear.  I spread his cheeks wide and squirt lube right onto his tight shit hole.  He begs for me to stop as I push the head of my cock inside of him.  His whines turn to full on cries as I pound his man pussy harder and harder.

Before I know it he lets out a surprisingly long cry and he shoots his load onto the floor.  I knew that little fuck would like it in his ass.  I untie is hands and have him remain on his knees as I move the chair to show him his real reward, his steaming puddle of cum.  Again, I take him by his hair and have him clean up his silly mess, one lick at a time.

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