Bicurious fantasy is a common occurrence.


Sigmund Freud believed that everyone is born with MORE than a bicurious fantasy. He wrote that everyone is born bisexual and their orientation is steered by interactions with their parents. (Yikes?) Subsequently, further research tells us that bisexual and bicurious men are more likely to face stigma than homosexual men, especially from their wives and girlfriends.

Naturally, it’s very understandable. Who wants to unload a huge confession without any idea of how their beloved significant other is? Avoiding negative emotions is the status quo, right? Sex is supposed to make you feel good (unless feeling bad is your kink), right?

As a result, phone sex operators are providing a service that stabilizes relationships, uplifts individuals, and satisfies otherwise unmeetable needs in a discreet, convenient, and healthy way for the masses. Sex work in itself faces stigma from the same societal constructs that inform people that their bicurious fantasy is wrong. Despite sex occurs in nature and among humans all the time, every day, everywhere all at once, some societal constructs choose to demonize it and vilify those that do not. In truth, this reveals the awesome progressive opportunities phone sex allows. It’s a real shame that so many people harm themselves or end their own lives because many people around them think a person with a cock liking cock is somehow horrible. 

Confessing your secret desires to ME is empowering and good for you.

What’s healthier: discussing naturally occurring sexual desires and activities or living in secret for decades? Logically, it is inadvisable. Physically, this is detrimental. Spiritually, it is soul-crushing. 

You’re not the only one who is sorting out their sexual orientation. Eric W. Schrimshaw, PhD said that bisexual orientation concealment is the number one reason for emotional distress among their research participants.  Dr. Alfred Kinsey suggested that about half of the population could be classified as bisexual 60 years ago. Fortunately, bicurious fantasy confession phone sex alleviates the negative impacts of having to conceal a significant part of yourself. 

Phone sex operators provide a safe, judgment-free place for bicurious fantasy. So why not call me, Karina, right now? Then we can discuss how curious you are to suck a cock or lick a pussy. Wouldn’t that be fun? Yes, it would. You deserve it. You deserve to explore every bit of your humanity while you still have it. When you’re dead, you can’t get off. Why not participate in something healthy until society can catch up to modern sensibilities?

Bicurious fantasy confessions are healthy and fun to explore during phone sex therapy.

Bicurious fantasy confession is one of the hottest and most freeing forms of phone sex.  You may be going about your day-to-day and just happen to notice how hot another guy is. You may notice how supple another woman’s breasts are and how desirable she appears. If you must keep your bicurious fantasy desires a secret, it is perfectly fine to call a phone sex operator and talk about it. Explaining how you’ve wanted to deep-throat your coworker for half a year to your significant other, or your coworker, may seem horrifying. However, exploring how you’ve wanted to deep-throat your coworker to a phone sex operator is completely different.

Being bicurious can be something you can enjoy with your partner, not apart from them. Bicurious fantasy confessions are my favorite calls. Call me now! I’m right here, waiting for you.