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Bi cuckold thought he got himself quite the catch that night we met.

Sexy sure, but with the word lady, I had my doubt. So I sent a text message to a friend of mine and had him meet me at my place. Then, I brought prince charming along so he could have his hand for some real fun. However, when we got back to my place and he noticed the other male he didn’t shy away. Although, he did think it was going to be those two pounding my pretty little pussy together. He told me he was so excited for the kinky fun we were about to have. He had no idea.

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Fast forward to the three of us standing naked in front of each other. It was not me who was getting onto my knees to suck dick, but the eager date I brought with me. He didn’t even hesitate as I pushed on the top of his head and forced cock into his mouth. He was hungry to obey his Queen’s every demand. Although, to me, the ultimate sacrifice would be throwing his ass up and down my friend’s meaty cock. That is what he did as well. Of course, I masturbated to the site of his feminizing his ass for me.

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