Bi Cuckold-My Girl Lover I Play With When My Husband Is Away!

I have always been attracted to girls for as long as I can remember. I have always been attracted to men just the same so I never hesitated when my boyfriend of 2 years asked me to marry him. He knew that during college I had slept with several girls. In fact, he found it to be hot!

We have had multiple threesomes over the years but when I met Samantha I just could not share her. I wanted a relationship, not just a fuck. So we had an affair. My husband never knew about her, I guess because I knew it was cheating since I had feelings. But it is really cheating if it’s with another girl? I tried to justify the hot emotions I felt for her.

Having sex while on the phone is so fucking hot!

Many times during sex with my husband I would think about her. She would ask me to call her and have sex while on the phone so she could listen to him fucking me. Of course, he never knew it! She would punish me later for cumming so hard for his cock. It was definitely a fucked up mess.

One day when Sam was fucking the hell out of my ass with her strap on my husband walks in. Sam looks up and smiles this vicious smile and slams hard into my ass making me scream out. My husband just stood there watching. When Sam started to pull out he told her not to, just keep going. He dropped his bags and pulled his cock out. As he stood beside the bed pumping his cock with his hand while she fucked my ass until I cum everywhere. My husband squirted hot thick cum on my back.

The truth hurts but the way she fucks feels so good!

No one said anything until after we were all clean and sitting on the couch. My husband stood up and asked how long we had been fucking. I was going to lie and say we had just met, but Sam who was forever jealous of him told him the truth and enjoyed seeing the hurt in his eyes.

So I guess that answered my question, just because I was fucking a girl still meant it was cheating because I did not tell him about it.

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