You wanted to experiment; you’re getting a coerced bi cuckold.

What says “Happy Anniversary” like a (“forced,” if you INSIST on calling it that) bi cuckold? Nothing! You had no idea how much it excited me when you confessed in a moment of (oh-so-vulnerable, aroused) passion last week you were “interested” in sucking cock. And you had no idea I was going to take “initiative” making your bi-curious dreams so quickly . . . did you??

Our roleplay doesn’t have to be humiliation phone sex, per say. I can do gentle coaxing, too. Well, in the beginning, I’ll be “coaxing,” at least. My strategy for helping you realize how much you like a dick (and LOVE cum) will heighten in intensity eventually, of course.

Oooh, they’re here! Better go get the door, honey. We wouldn’t want to keep our special guests waiting, would we?

You might feel taken aback as you stand face to face with the men I’ve procured for you. They’re young, fit studs, and obviously hung. You can tell they’re hung because, naturally, your eyes went straight to their crotches. Even soft their bulges are impressive. Your dick just got a little harder in your pants noticing that, didn’t it?

We’ll ease our way into your coerced bi femdom phonesex orgasm, especially if you’re feeling a little shy. You can watch them kissing me, sucking my nipples, and rubbing their thick, increasingly hard cocks against my pussy lips and hungry mouth.

Are you getting jealous yet? I have a suspicion you have less “penis envy” for their well-endowed-ness and more “pussy envy” for the joy that is multiple vaginal orgasms. Remember when I was just your bitchy girlfriend? I’m SO glad we’re married now!

I understand. And since it is our anniversary (and I do just love you SO much!) I wanted to give you the gift of feeling some of what get to feel. Sucking on a nice, thick, hard (and oh-so BIG) cock is soothing, isn’t it? Be careful you don’t get too “addicted,” dear!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke