A beta bitch loser is exactly what I like.

I draw beta bitch losers to me so easily. I like to show a pathetic worthless beta bitch loser where he belongs. I’m sure I can make anyone submit and become a slave. The things I do will make you so desperate to acquire my attention. You see, the only way to get my attention is for you to submit on your knees. Once you do, it’s game over. An urge to satisfy all my commands comes over you and you have to make Princess happy. My happiness is the most important thing and your only reason to live. Once you figure that out, you will never stop wanting to satisfy me. It’s so nice of you to try to muster up some willpower. Actually, it’s quite amusing and entertaining.

You will find out quickly how weak you truly are with me.

It’s a rude awakening, and you will learn to love and appreciate it. When you want my attention, you will do just about anything for it. And, I like tricking you into thinking you will have a mere chance to be able to touch me. There’s no way in hell that you will ever have that. Instead, I will conjure up a plan, follow through with it, and make you go out and be a beta bitch loser. When I say something, I mean it, and you will soon see it too. My favorite kind of fucker is one that is so adamant and cocky enough to think he will not fall for my wicked games. I’m a twisted dominant princess. I’m young and ruthless. It’s like I have an array of malicious things I can do to hypnotize you into falling through.

From all the things I can do, from assisting in being the Young Cheating Accomplice to blowing both your heads with mind control, my favorite is making you a submissive loser.

You better do your homework and ace it for Princess.

That’s how much you will be submitting. Anything I say goes. If I tell you to go to the glory hole and suck a ton of cock you will do it without hesitation. A cum eating beta bitch loser knows how to keep the princess happy. Do your homework. The more you listen, the deeper into the control you get. I love that you think you have a shot with me. If you suck a cock I may let you have fun with me. It’s all a game. You will never be able to be anything but cum eating sissy slut for me. Once you get a cock in your mouth, you will always be addicted to that.

Openly, you will expose the truth.

The ultimate test is when you can finally show me that you have no shame and will be my public beta bitch loser. I want to take you to the point where you will tell everyone you know. I want you to scream it out at the top of your lungs—a beta bitch who loves to please the princess. You have to expose yourself so that I can truly know you mean what you say. I love that I have the power to turn you into my bitch.


I perfect Humiliation Phone Sex. I’ll show you instantly how to be my beta bitch loser.