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Do you need to be reminded that you have a small package that will never satisfy a woman?  Well, you’ve come to the right girl for Best Small Penis Humiliation.  It takes a very big cock to satisfy a woman like me.  It’s just a darn shame that you will never get a woman like me. Nor will you ever be able to satisfy a woman like me.  Consequently, you’re just too small and a pathetic loser to please me. It’s time for some one-on-one Best Small Penis Humiliation.

How many girls have you already disappointed with that shrinky-dink pathetic thing between your legs?  There’s no doubt you have been the topic of conversation after a night of disappointment.  She had no problem telling all her friends you were a big man with a little dick. (Wicked LiL Laugh) Just like you boys share everything – we love to gossip about you men. What did you think we don’t share everything?  Your secret is now out and has now become your reality.  You are a loser with a little dick and seeking the Best Small Penis Humiliation.  Acceptance is the first step. Then again does a man with a small clitty ever accept he has a maggot size dick?  So if you’re looking for the cold hard truth then look no further.

Best Small Penis Humiliation- The Truth Hurts

I don’t know how many times I hear – Is it big enough for you?  Sweet little man, if you need to ask you know the answer. Women like myself, like big hard throbbing cocks.  With that being said you are seriously lacking in that department and need to just give up while you are ahead.  Please don’t tell me you can make up for your little man meat with your tongue. I bet I can give YOU a better tongue-lashing with my sultry voice during Best Small Penis Humiliation.

Laughing is good and one of the only reasons I give little men like you the time of day. Ready to share your little dick with me so I can humiliate you on Skype? Go ahead Indulge me with your hidden secrets.  I bet I know more about you than you know about yourself.

Have you been playing with a dildo that looks the way your cock should look?   Sucking on it? Hmmm tried sticking it in your “man pussy”?  (Wicked Lil Laugh) Oh my, how the mighty have fallen. Well if it’s a real cock you seek I can help you with that anytime. We can share a BBC. As a size queen likes her cocks BIG – color doesn’t matter. Interested in a little cuckold play.  We can do it this way – so you don’t feel so gay.  Furthermore, we can visit ANY and all of your kinky taboo fetishes at any time.

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