Sex Stories Tumblr Fantasies Make Daddy Into What I Need

We all know those Tumblr girls, don’t we? College girls uploading pictures, gifs and videos for everyone to see. Well, Daddy loves to indulge in sex stories Tumblr fantasies from time to time but one late night he found out I was one of those girls. Then all his dirty little mind could think of was me. Of course, I didn’t know he knew but I did realize he starred at me a little more than usual.

It was another late night and I had finished taking some pictures to post on my blog. I guess pigtails and perky titties were Daddy’s weakness. As I was trying to sleep I heard someone opened the door, I stayed in bed and didn’t move. I felt my blankets being lifted and then felt him get in bed with me. I was still pretending to be asleep but I felt his hard cock press up against the same panties that were still wet on those Tumblr pictures. He whispered softly in my ear how now he knew what I did late at night. He slipped his hand under my shirt and told me how much he had been craving my full teen tits for months now.

Daddy slid his hand down into my panties and started playing with my pussy over them. I let out a soft moan just to let him know that I was awake. I pulled down my panties as I just wanted to have him inside me. He pushed his cock inside me, nice and slow. I was immediately wet. I never thought Daddy felt this way about me, but I also didn’t know I would be enjoying his cock inside me so much.

After he filled me up I promised him I wouldn’t tell mom. He left without a word but the morning after I made sure to let him know I wanted him to fuck me again.

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