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The best sex stories are always true this is why I am a phonesex operator. I love bragging about my sexual adventures like this 1st part of when…

He kept one hand gripping my upper arm to hold me in place. He had one leg over his shoulder opening me wide for his invasion. Though a mother of a teenager and fully experienced woman. He said

“Gods you are so tight”

He couldn’t remember ever feeling a pussy this tight, not even the couple of virgins he’d had in the past. But he didn’t have any problem moving around inside me despite my incredible tightness. I had a steady flow of thick cunt juice to ease our movements. He kept pulling almost all the way out, then inching forward, just a bit further than before. He kept a slow steady pace. My face was flushed as I gripped his forearms with my nails, pulled on his arms, pushing my hips up to him, trying to make him speed up the action ramming me.

He lowered my legs from his shoulder and lowered himself to my heaving chest. I immediately wrapped my arms and legs around him, pulling him all the way into my hot depths. Sliding his hands under my ass. He buried his face into my neck as he felt my hot twat muscles quivering all over his dick. He could tell I was about to have a powerful orgasm.

Again, my nails digging into him, his hips and back.

He was working his entire cock into my twitching vagina now, easing in and out slowly, letting me feel every inch. I was quivering and bouncing on the bed now, shaking my head back and forth, and moving my hips as much as this position would allow.

He pulled almost all the way out as he leaned back getting to his knees. Holding my knees apart with his hands watching his shaft going in and out. He then started fucking me with more determination. On the second or third stroke, he could feel the flow of hot pussy juice increase. I gasp and started begging for what I did not know. My entire body shivered. I took a deep breath, then screamed his name as an explosive orgasm overtook me. I was squealing with delight, my body shuddering as my pussy squeezed his dick hard inside me.

Losing all control my cunt sprayed his body as I squirted.

My legs and arms began to relax a little as my orgasm began subsiding. He was not satisfied to let it end. Pulling his cock out of my pussy. He used his cock head on my clit forcing my body to squirt again and again. I felt the drops of my cum hit my face. And I became animalistic in my lust as he viciously stole control from me yet again.

Such exquisite torture.

With a fierce thrust, I sat up grabbing his arm forcing him to move his cock away, to stop. I could take no more. I wrapped my arms around his body and shook whimpering still calling his name. Trying to become a person.

“Do you need a break?”

My only thought was HIM… I wanted to pleasure him as he was me. My mouth roamed his neck then chest, tasting my own cum on his chest. I still lost in lust for his magnificent body. And needed to taste him, to feed his passion, to hear his lust. He allowed me to engulf his masculine rod as he chuckled

 “I guess not.”

My hands sliding down to his hips. His hands gently holding my head he allowed me but a moment of suckling him. As soon as I managed to get his cock worked into my throat his hands got firmer. Tightening in my hair. My hands gripped his hips, my nails sinking in as he pulled my hair hard, trying to force me off his cock. He pulled my hair and head back as he slid off the bed away from me. I needed his cock. I needed to HIM. Tears filled my eyes from the pain of being denied his body.

“No Kitten, Not yet! This is going to be an all-night-er.”

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