Finding the Best Sex Positions can be so much fun.

I think 69 is one of the Best Sex Positions, don’t you?

I’m not sure how long it’s been since I 69’d a guy which means it’s been too long. I guess other kinky sex stories and things get my attention but last night it sort of happened and I went with it. It was awesome like always and now I’m making a list of all the other Best Sex Positions I need to bring back into my bedroom.

As soon as I saw Andrew I knew I was going back to his place. He was hot, had a cocky attitude and I was getting a kinky vibe from him. I just knew we could get up to all kinds of stuff together and headed straight for him at the bar.

 Flirting hard , I told him that a guy like him shouldn’t be wasting his time at a bar, especially when he could be with a girl like me. I smiled at him and leaned against the bar, pushing my tits up as I asked him if he was planning on spending the night alone.

He laughed and said he was up for some company if I was and took me back to his place.

 I stripped as soon as we got inside and I practically tore his clothes off as we made our way to the bedroom. We fell into bed and went at each other, kissing and touching each other as we got hornier. 

Feeling his dick getting hard I rolled him onto his back so I could press my tits against him while I played with his dick. He moaned and pushed up so I jerked him off a bit faster. When he was really into it I stopped and he groaned, getting frustrated.

 I sat up and teased him by sliding my fingers over his pubic bone. “Aw, do you want more?” I asked and straddled him with my back facing him. Leaning forward I pushed my ass into his face so I could hold his dick and lick it.

 He was throbbing and I licked around his head as he grabbed my thighs and pulled me onto his face.

I got comfortable and put my pussy on his mouth, rubbing it on him as he held me. Licking my lips I pressed them around his tip and started swallowing him while I stroked his dick near the base.

 He went in deeper and I relaxed my throat as he shoved his tongue into my pussy.  Giving me fast, sloppy licks as I got wetter I felt him hit the back of my throat. I rocked on him as I started sucking him off and cupped his balls in my hand.

 Massaging his balls as he licked my pussy walls and I sucked him off hard and fast. His fingers dug into me as I nearly let him slide out then took him in again. We kept going and I choked when he bucked his hips up, stuffing my mouth full of dick. My mouth was aching and my pussy felt like a wet mess as he tongue went in deeper, lapping at me as his balls tightened up.

When he came it shot down my throat and dribbled down my chin. My clit was killing me and my whole pussy was in pain. I needed to cum bad so I sat up and smothered him as his tongue worked me. I came hard and as loud as hell as I shook on him. Mmmm, now that’s my kind of guy.

I can’t wait to try more of the Best Sex Positions with him.

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