Begging For It, Doesn’t Mean I Will Allow You To Cum!

Begging for it, doesn’t mean I will allow you to cum! I can make a man beg for anything and I do mean anything. All it takes is a few touches here and there and he’ll start begging for more. I wanted to push Evan to the edge and see how long I could keep him there, while he begged his heart out. Just the thought of him begging now, is making my pussy drip. I let Evan take me to dinner and all the way home, I kept my hand on his dick and rubbed him through his trousers, until he was hard then I dragged his ass up to his room, when we got to his place.

We quickly took our clothes off and I pushed him down on the bed, my hand going around his dick. I stroked him while I told how I’d been waiting for this all night, he was so hot, I just wanted him to fuck me like a whore, but I maintained myself. He loved hearing that and pulled me down on him. He held me close and kissed me hard.

I kept stroking him as he kissed me hard, he nibbled my bottom lip and then his hands found my tits.

He fondled me while my hand went faster and faster, I could hear his gentle moans in my ear. I began to kiss a trail, from his lips and down his stomach, as he rocked his hips upwards. He was beginning to fuck himself in my hand and I knew he was getting close. I stuck my tongue out and licked the last bit of pre-cum, making sure I went around the base of his dick and down to his balls. I stopped for a moment, just so I could hear him beg. Couldn’t help myself, I just needed to hear him beg and whimper like a little bitch! I then put one of his balls in my mouth, while I continued to jerk him off.

I added a little twist to my strokes and rubbed that little spot on the underside of his head, while my mouth sucked his balls some more. When I felt his balls start to tighten up a bit, I stopped completely so he couldn’t cum. That sent him through the fucking roof!

I whispered in his ear, “Beg for me bitch, beg for me!” Of course he complied and begged for it.

His soft little whimpers, were enough to send me through the roof! So, I slid my hand on and off him and he panted, “What are you doing?” I looked at him and said, “Making you beg for it, duh!” He looked at me and could see that I was serious and started telling me all of the things I wanted to hear. How amazing I was,  begging me please he had to have it, he was so close, I had no idea, come on, please and so on! I held my breasts in my hand and played with them, teasing him while his hard, throbbing dick stood straight up and leaked pre-cum all over the place.

I listened to him beg for a while longer, as I rolled my nipples in between my fingers and moaned, turning him on even more. Then I leaned forward and slid his dick between my tits. He let out a quick, “Thank you!” and moaned as I pushed them around his shaft. I moved my tits up and down, his dick getting rubbed between my soft skin, while he laid there and panted. I titty fucked him faster, putting pressure on him and making the eyes roll in the back of his head. The groans he was making and the way his stomach muscles tightened, told me that he was about to lose control and I stopped moving AGAIN, which drove him absolutely fucking nuts.

I kept my breasts firmly on him and he bucked his hips up, in an effort to keep going!

Of course the begging starting without me needing to push him and it was back off to the races. I listened to him and acted like I was going to give in to him, but at the last second I moved back, his dick falling away from me. “Not this time!”, I told him and left him lying there, hard and on edge with only his hands to help him out. You see, not all edging leads to an orgasm! Sometimes a man needs to be left hanging every once in a while, both figuratively and literally, just so he knows who really runs the show. If you’re looking for a mistress who will edge you and make you beg, one who won’t always give in to you, then I am the naughty mistress for you. With that being said, you know what to do!

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