Beg For This Ass Smothering

I was feeling extra playful one afternoon and decided to add a little shock value to sexy time after Phone Sex. We were wrestling in the sheets and that’s when I really showed him what I was made of! He got a few good moves on me, pinning me down hard and lifting me up over his shoulder…but then one quick move from me and I was sitting on his face. I think he deserves an afternoon of ass smothering.

He began squirming and grabbing the sides of my legs, I could hear him mumbling underneath me.

“Shut up you loser, I’m in charge now. The only reason your mouth should be open is to lick my pussy and ass, understand?” He eventually slowed his movement, I think he got the point.

I whipped his cock out, and he was rock hard already. He’s never known me to take control as harshly as i was now but I’m just completely in the mood to give him an ass smothering! My ass cheeks were plopped on his face and I began to grind my pussy further into his face. I loved knowing that I controlled his breathing. The only thing he could smell was what I gave him.

I slid my asshole down to his nose and made him deeply inhale.

“Fucking beg for it, come you want to taste my ass or not?” I loved taunting him.

I flicked the head of his cock and blew on his balls as I felt his tongue lapping up my pussy juices and carrying them to my ass. Could feel him tongue fuck me as I scratched his stomach. He’s taking this surprise ass smothering pretty well, so says his throbbing cock oozing with pre-cum. I scooped it up with my finger and stuck it in my ass.

I dropped back to his face, his mouth perfectly in line with my ass hole. That’s it big man, eat your own fucking cum. Do you think I should let him cum? Hmmm….nope I don’t think so…maybe on his next ass smothering, hehe.

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