Bedtime baby, time to go night-night!

Bedtime baby I tell you. You are looking up at me now with your puppy dog eyes, as you glance away from your cartoons. You are mommy’s precious little baby and mommy loves you. Again I tell you bedtime baby. You start to get fussy and tell me you don’t wanna go to bed. I turn off the cartoons and you start to pout. I finally get you up and headed to the bathroom to get your teeth brushed and to get you changed for bed.

As we head down the hallway you tell mommy your poopied your pants. Time for a pit stop to the changing table to change babies diaper. Mommy disposes of that dirty icky diaper and gets you all cleaned up and powdered and puts a clean diaper on you. You giggle at mommy as I put on your sleepy time onesie with the feeties and the zipper that goes all the from your foot way up to your chest. Tonight’s pj’s have little dinosaurs on them. Mommy’s baby looks so adorable. Mommy loves you.
I tell you to come on bedtime baby as I start to lead you to the bathroom so mommy can brush your teeth.
We are standing in the bathroom brushing babies teeth and you start to make little growl faces looking in the mirror with your toothpaste bubbles. I giggle at the sight of this. I tell you again bedtime baby teeth are brushed.

You follow mommy back to your bedroom and crawl into your big baby crib. Mommy gives you a bottle when you tell me you are thirsty. Yummy warm milk.

You tell mommy you want a story, mommy tells you ok and grabs a book off the shelf and begins to tell her bedtime baby a story.
Want to come be mommy’s precious baby?

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