Beautiful Giantess, finds the perfect Tiny Man to do her bidding

Perhaps I have a more vivid imagination than others, but I often fantasize about becoming a beautiful giantess. A strong, powerful woman, I’d have my pick of any man I wanted. All I would need to do is scoop them up in my huge hand.

Today while I was grocery shopping I spotted the hottest man I’ve seen in a very long time. He had black hair, blue eyes and a body for days. Perfect for a beautiful giantess to shrink!

His jeans fit him in a way that should be illegal because the sight of his ass encased in that tight denim was enough to get anyone instantly turned on. Man or woman, it really wouldn’t matter.

Even though I was nearly done with my shopping I couldn’t help but begin to follow this Adonis all around the store at a discreet distance. My mind goes straight to my favorite fantasy. I become in that moment a beautiful giantess who is on the hunt for a new toy.

Not only do I have the power to grow into a  beautiful giantess, I also have the ability to shrink any person down into a tiny, little version of themselves. I focus my mind on the sex god in front of me and concentrating as hard as I can, I shrink him down to just a few inches tall.

I walk down the entire aisle in just three huge steps and lean down to find him hanging on the handle of his shopping cart for dear life.

HA HA HA, I chuckle, and my breath and the vibrations from my voice send him flying off. I quickly catch him mid- air and slip him into my shirt. He is standing on the underwire of my bra and holding on to my left tit like its the side of a mountain.

Another ability I have in this fantasy is that I can control the way the people around me see things.I can make them see nothing out of the ordinary when they look at me. They won’t see the tiny man I have hanging on for dear life inside my blouse.

Once I get home I pull him out from between my breasts and place him on a table. I explain to him that if he ever wants to be a full sized man again he is going to have to make me cum.

I lay down on my back on the floor with my long, giant legs spread wide.

Carefully I place my tiny lover inside my open pussy lips. I can feel his small hands massaging my massive clit. Squeezing it as hard he could, rubbing in what must be huge circles for him his little arms and hands. I’m so turned on my pussy floods with arousal. My pussy juices cause him to slide down the length of my labia, down into my cavernous hole.

He bravely crawls inside and begins to rub and stroke my g-spot, relentlessly for several minutes. This must have felt like a lifetime to him but for me it was so delicious. I came fast and hard from his whispering internal carasses. My juices washed him out of me and down onto the floor. He looked like a little drowned mouse. How charming!

Taboo Phone Sex!