Ass Worship for Mallory at the Beach

The best thing about the summer is being able to go on vacation to the beach! There is nothing more fun than taking a day to just chill in the sun in my sexy bikini. I just love tanning and getting my ass perfect for ass worship, while listening to some tunes.  I can spend hours at a time by myself at a comfy spot like this. I have always been warned the dangers of being so sexy and alone on a beach like the one I was on. I always assure everyone that I am a big girl and can take care of myself.

So this guy was watching me from a distance, for a couple of hours at least before he headed in my direction. The pervert put a towel down just a couple of feet from me and just stared. Did this make me feel uncomfortable? Fuck no! I just rolled over so he could check out how hot my ass looked in this bikini. I mean he should be so lucky as to give me the ass worship I deserve.

I will admit it was hard to not be distracted by him when he started to touch his dick. I told him if he was going to go about that he might as well get close to the real thing. His eyes lit right up and cock got even stiffer, It was like he had hit the lottery. He crawled over me and took a big whiff of my scrumptious rear. This horny fucker was going to definitely down give me ass worship.  He was so ready he was practically salivating.

I decided to tease him, telling him how I bet he wished he could lick my ass, a beautiful butt hole of mine.  I could almost see his cock throbbing.  “It taste awfully good”, I teased.   He resorted to begging and pleading.  Feeling sorry for the poor chap I spread my sweet cheek apart and allowed him to devour my asshole while he stroked his cock.

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