BBC Sex Stories: Everyone loves thick chocolate treat Part II

If you were around for part one of my BBC sex stories, you already know how things started out. If you missed part one, here’s a little bit of what led to the current story.

When we arrived at his place, we barely made it to the patio. Kissing and stripping each other along the way, there were clothes and shoes all along the driveway. Marcus picked me up and carried me to the kitchen. He laid me down on the island and devoured my pussy. His tongue felt so good, I kept cumming and cumming. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t get away, but I was able to turn over on my stomach. he gave my pussy a few more licks from behind before he stood up and slid his big black cock in my pussy.

Now, that’s not the entire story, but it gives you an idea of how we made it to this point. Of course, you can always go back and read all of part one if you want to hear about all of the juicy details.

Although, if you’re super horny and ready for the action you are in for a hell of a treat!

When Marcus slid his thick chocolate rod in my pussy I almost melted! It had been way too long since I felt something that amazing. The fact that started nice and slow, gently squeezing his dick in my pussy made it even better. He didn’t just ram it in and fuck my brains out. He was very careful and let my pussy work its way up to hugging his dick nice and snug.

As he slowly stroked his cock in my pussy, he started kissing his way down from my neck to my nipples. All of the tingling sensations all over my body were overwhelming! I was trembling in pleasure. Marcus felt me trembling and stopped stroking for just a second. He stopped long enough for me to catch my breath and smile at him. Then he kissed me and smiled. He started pounding my pussy with one of my legs at his side and the other over my head. It was only a matter of minutes before I was squirting all over him.

The second he felt he starting to cum, he pulled out and started sucking my clit!

I don’t think I had ever experienced that amazing feeling of ecstasy until that moment! It was at that moment I knew that this was only the beginning of an ongoing thing. He wasn’t just trying to cum and be done. He was trying to make me feel better than I had ever felt. I must say, he did just that! After he sucked and licked all of my cum he carried me to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed and grabbed a couple of ties. He tied my hands to the bed and put my legs on his shoulders. It felt as if he was on a pumping mission and he wasn’t stopping until he made me cum again.

This time when I came, he came with me. He filled me up with his cream filling and LOVED the feeling! The fact that he stayed hard eve after he came made it even better! Yes, he had pounded my pussy and he had felt like I couldn’t take any more, but the thought of him continuing to please me like that turned me on even more! I just couldn’t get enough of him.

Needless to say, we went all night long and I finally got to the point that I just couldn’t handle anymore.

When I told my girlfriends about the night that I had after we all went our separate ways, they were so jealous. The good thing for them is that I don’t mind sharing. So I called Marcus over that night and we all got to have some of his big black cock. Obviously, there was enough to go around for all of us!

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