Bathroom Peeper

I know a secret about my friend’s little brother. He’s not really little, I think he’s 18 but he’s still younger than us so same thing. Anyways, I noticed that every time a woman goes to the bathroom he leaves the room. Obviously, he was up to something and I had a pretty good idea of what that something was but wanted to make sure I was right. When my friend went to the bathroom he followed a minute later and I spied on him. I saw him standing at the bathroom door listening, he had his eyes closed and didn’t see me. I watched him a few weeks later and this time the door was left open a crack.

He stood back so he could peek through the crack and get a look at the action. I figured no one else knew what he was up to which was a shame, I think it would be fun for him to have someone to play with.

The next time I went over there I put on this cute little summer dress and told Shaun I was so thirsty, could he please me got me a big glass of cold water? I gulped it down and asked for a second glass. I took my time with this one, letting it fill me bit by bit and a little while later I went to the bathroom. Then I waited for a minute and then tiptoed to the door. I opened it quickly and saw Shaun leaning against it. “What are you doing?” I asked as he looked all panicky.

He gave a not very convincing “Nothing.” and I laughed as I told him to come in.

He hesitated, he probably thought I wasn’t serious, so I turned and sat down. “If you want a good look then you’d better get in and close the door,” I told him. I rubbed a hand over my bladder and said “I’m about to burst.” and let out a little drop, teasing him. He knew I was serious now and shut the door as I stopped my flow, saving the rest for him. He knelt in front of me and stared at my pussy. So he licked his lips as I started to piss and I gave a little moan of relief.

He started to breathe harder as my stream hit the water and  I clenched my muscles, squeezing as much out as I could and stopping when I had just a small amount left. When I was done I leaned forward, grabbed his chin with my hand and told him to stick his tongue out. He did and I pulled him closer, telling him to lick my pussy clean. I leaned back and felt his tongue lick along my outer lips, lapping up all the little drops of piss that were still on me. He then pushed his tongue inside and he licked along my walls in long, slow strokes.

His tongue felt rough on me as he moved along, flicking at the droplets.

I tightened my muscles and let out that little bit I had saved, letting it fall on his tongue. He moaned as it covered his tongue 21and he licked me faster. I felt my pussy tighten but didn’t want this to turn into anything else so I tried to relax.

After another minute I pushed his head away and got up, stepping over him so I could go to the sink. I straightened myself up then went back to the living room and acted as nothing had happened. Shaun took his time coming back and when he did get back his face was all flushed.

I have a sneaking suspicion that he had a little “alone” time in the bathroom after I left. Naughty boy. I wonder if anyone noticed how red his face was and if they did, what they thought. Next time I think I’m going to screw with him and make him follow me back to the living room afterward, that will get some looks. Me fresh from the bathroom and him blushing and looking guilty as hell. I can’t wait.

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