Why Not Give Myself Some Bass-Boosted Sex?


We all know that I love getting nasty outside. But I felt so fresh today and needed to play with myself so badly! To be honest, I was horny. Why not give myself some bass-boosted sex? Hurrying, I went outside to my pink Chevy 1500 and got into it. I was wearing my nightgown with nothing under it. Honestly, I loved playing with myself in my truck.

Inside my truck, I had two 15s that bumped my music; I knew it would vibrate the whole truck, and when I did that, it would make me so freaking wet! So why not? I was so horny. Quickly, I then got into my truck. Next, I started to flip through songs until I got to the right one. Honestly,  I loved the ones that made the bass drop. I loved bass heads so much, to be honest! I loved how nasty they got with me, too. I was about to have some bass-boosted sex with myself. As the song started to play, I could feel the vibrations getting stronger and stronger.

I leaned back in the front driver seat and lay there. I let the bass fill the air, and the truck vibrated everywhere. It was making me so freaking wet. Honestly, I couldn’t help myself. I reached down and started to touch my teen wet pussy. I slide my finger gently up and down. That’s when the bass dropped, and the aggressive thumping came. It made my fingers vibrate on my clit. I was making myself so wet. My sweet little pussy was gushing out so much.

He then Leaned Over To Get A Closer View.

I was so into playing with my sweet pussy I didn’t notice that my neighbor had walked up to my window. He heard my bass, and he knew I was playing with myself. The bass-boosted sex was about to be kinky, with him jumping into my truck. His eyes were huge when he got into my truck all the way. He then leaned over to get a closer view. Gently I played with my pussy until the song stopped. I told him to pick a song for me to play with myself. He then picked out a good one as the bass started I was giving this stud a show. Gently I played and teased my pussy until the bass dropped and made my pussy gush.

He could just sit there and watch. Next, he pulled out his neighbor’s cock and started to jerk it to the bass. He could feel the bass drop, just like me. It vibrated his cock and was making his cock rock hard. Not being able to resist myself! I then pulled off my gown and then jumped right onto his lap. After that, I then leaned over and made him suck and tease my nipples. I slowly was grinding my naked body across him. There I was, hovering above his cock, making him feel the heat radiating off my teen pussy.

This Bass-Boosted Sex Was Getting So Hot

This was making this cock so hard. I was going to tease him like this for a bit. After that, I slowly started to grind back and forth on his cock. Gently teasing that head, making it go up and down my wet clit. His cock was throbbing. I felt it against my clit. I needed more. The song was about to do a bass drop, and I just needed that cock in before that. Gently, I moved my hips and slid his cock into my teen-wet pussy.

This bass-boosted sex was getting so hot. I was going to take his cock into my pussy so that his cock turns into a vibrator. Moving back and forth, I slowly took more of his cock in me. Grinding faster and faster, I was down on his cock. I then started to bounce on it. Slowly teasing his cock while waiting for the bass drop. I then twerked on his cock. He was moaning so loud in my ear as I rode that cock. The bass then dropped as he was deep in me. I was going to be his horny cum filled teen now.

He was like a huge vibrating cock. I loved it deep in me. He would blow so big for me. Love intense and wild bass-dropping phone sex? Let me guide you to complete mind-blowing fun!

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