The Sloans are a great couple and I love babysitting for their daughter. She is well behaved and super smart. She isn’t disrespectful and never argues with me about bedtime. Tonight, I am babysitting over there while Mr. Sloan is working late and Mrs. Sloan is out of town. Of course, I never expect Mr. Sloan banging teen babysitter when he comes home drunk.

He is always polite and respectful. Of course, just like all the Dad’s he is checking out my giant titties. Furthermore, every man I am meeting is looking at my beautiful breasts. They are huge. Shit, some women check them out. But as he is coming in this evening, he is buzzing from his after-dinner drinks. I can tell this is going to be different than our usual interactions.

Normally, I have a say in the banging teen babysitter events.

When he starts getting handsy, I start telling him it isn’t appropriate. He is telling me his wife is out of town, his daughter is sound asleep, no one will know. This man is gorgeous, but I like his wife and have no intention of sleeping with him. Okay, I am a naughty slut most of the time. I sleep around and cheat on my guy all the time, but, Mrs. Sloan is so good to me, I don’t want to hurt her or their daughter.

I am trying to explain this to him and he is pushing me into his study. He is tall and stronger than me. I am losing the battle as he finally gets me in the study, then shuts and locks the door. Of course, I don’t want to scare his daughter so I am not going to scream or make a scene. It is interesting, I have had lots of fun with my babysitting families. I gave Mr. Wilson Bratty Babysitter JOI.

But, that was my decision!

Mr. Sloan is forcing himself on me. Ageplay is nothing new to me. My family is always playing together. Daddy is one of my best sex teachers. We love our fun together. A lot of my callers love hearing my real-life stories during our Ageplay Phone Sex sessions. And, I love sharing and reliving them. I get to cum all over again!

Mr. Sloan is pulling on my shirt and before I know it, he is ripping it off of me. He is so determined to have me and nothing is going to stop him. Then, he is grabbing at my skirt and tearing it off of me too. As I am trying to get away in my bra and panties, he is ripping those flimsy cotton panties into shreds. He grabs scissors from his desk and cuts the bra in half.

That is it, I am completely nude.

He is using his body to pin me with my head down and ass in the air. His mouth is licking my pussy and I can’t help but react. Oh, no, I am getting wet. He can tell and starts taunting me. “You want this big dick, don’t you slut?!” His hand is rubbing my ass cheeks and then going down my crack. “Yes!” I shout at him.

That is all he needs. He pulls out that rock hard cock and shoves it deep inside my tight teen pussy. Time for some banging teen babysitter fun for Mr. Sloan and me! As his huge cock is slamming in and out of me, I am starting to call out for him to cum inside me. Driving him over the edge he shoots his big load in my sweet young pussy.

He passes out. Quietly, I grab my torn clothes and slip out of the house. I don’t want to admit that was some of the best sex I have ever had with myself or him. Are you curious to know what happened when we see each other again? Call me!

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