I was a bit of a bad niece.. and I got in trouble for it.

A bad niece always gets what’s coming to her! I still remember how cheeky I used to be, full of attitude.. and really, I still am. Nothing’s changed about that! 😉 But I still remember one of the first times I ever had a little fun with an older man..and it wasn’t supposed to be fun at all. It was my uncle. I hadn’t seen him in such a long time! I was mostly visiting to see my aunt and my cousins again, spend a few weeks there for the summer. Unfortunately, I was a bad girl all the time. I got in trouble as much as I could, which is why my parents were so eager to send me somewhere new for a while and see if I’d calm down a bit. It didn’t happen at all. I was staying the first night with my uncle and aunt, and my three cousins. We were all a little rowdy, and I’d gotten in trouble a few times already for being too loud and keeping my baby cousin awake. I wasn’t used to having to be quiet after dark, or not wear my short-shorts around the house.. my uncle was very strict on what he’d let his girls wear, because they were all very pretty, and he didn’t want us to fall into bad hands.. But it was too late.

I was gonna be a bad niece, and unfortunately, I got what was coming to me. All the trouble I was stirring up was getting his girls to be a little rowdy too.. and the next night, I made the mistake of getting up to go get a glass of water. It was around 2 in the morning, everyone sound asleep other than my uncle, who was sitting in the living room watching TV. He was winding down from work and still needed an hour or so to relax and he saw me walk by to the fridge.. in my little tank top and short shorts, which he’d already told me were asking for trouble. But this time, he took full advantage of me being half asleep and he walked over, coming up behind me and grabbing my hand as I was about to turn around from the fridge. The TV was still going to cover up any noise as I protested, struggling against him and asking what he was doing.. but he wasn’t letting up. “I told you, those shorts are begging people to do bad things to you.” His voice was rough and quiet as I felt him slide them down. He pushed me a few inches to the left and slid his hand down my back, pushing just enough to make me bend over.. And the next thing I felt was his cock, rubbing right between my pussy lips. He didn’t even need to strip me down, he’d pulled them down so easily, and slid in so easily that I felt like even more of a little slut..

Come play with me.

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