Edward Wanted To Rail His Bad Mommy, But He Wanted Her Sober

All Edward ever wanted was to rail his bad mommy and he wanted to rail her good. All his life he had been trying to sneak a peek, cop a feel or whatever. He always found himself in positions to “accidentally” brush up against her, or walk in on her in the bathroom. Never in a million years did he think he’d have the opportunity to actually taste her or to actually fuck her. That is until the day came when he did have the opportunity to taste her AND to fuck her.

Eddie’s mommy is a very bad mommy.

She’ loves to party with her husband and get all kinds of fucked up. Eddie never thought anything of it. Until the day Eddie was coaxed into taking his dirty thoughts of his mother and turning them into reality. One night while out and about with friends, Eddie’s father called him and asked him to come pick up his mother. It was expressed to Eddie that she was just a little too fucked up and needed to be taken home. Without a second thought, Eddie met his father at the party and together they loaded her up and Eddie took her home.

She thought Eddie was her husband and made several advances on him. At first, Eddie tried to stay strong and not give in, fearing that he’d only be taking advantage of his mother’s delicate situation, but then her hand ended up on his cock and he just couldn’t take it. Right then and there, Eddie pushed his mother back onto her bed and began to eat her sweet cunt. Eddie ate that pussy so fucking good, his mother quickly came all over his face.

Before Eddie could even savor the flavor of his mothers wet pussy, she was begging him to enter. Enter her he did!

That was the first time, first time of many that Eddie fucked the shit out of his mother. However, despite ALWAYS being eager and willing to take his father’s place in the bedroom, even if it was temporary, Eddie wanted to face his ultimate fantasy head on. Eddie wanted to eat her and fuck her absolutely sober. He wanted her to look him in the eyes as she sucked his cock. Also, he wanted it to be HIS name she called out, while she was getting that hole filled. Of course, just recently Eddie got his way and he took full advantage, as any good son would of course!

Eddie was sitting on the couch one day, when his father was out of town, minding his own business. When his mother came over to him and started to rub his shoulders. He didn’t think anything of it, as his mother frequently rubbed his shoulders. Except for this time, she was a little more enthusiastic about it, than normal. She led forward, pressing her tits against the back of his head and asked if that felt good. In a desperate attempt to ignore the hard-on growing in between his legs, Eddie tried to must the word, “Yes!” However he failed miserably and before he could get anything out, his mother whispered, “Well judging by the lump in your pants, I’d say so!”

Embarrassed, Eddie tried getting up, but his naughty mother had other plans.

Instead, she grabbed by the shoulders and planted his ass right back onto the couch. She gingerly walked around the arm of the couch, grabbed a throw pillow, put it on the floor and placed positioned herself, on her knees and right in between Andrews’ legs. Eddie didn’t know wtf to do or to say, so he just sat there and looked at her. Without saying a single word, Eddie’s mother unzipped his pants. She then took out his cock and started sucking on it like a fucking champion. Up and down, up and down she went.

She took in every single inch of her son and loved every single minute of it.

It was almost as if she was sucking the last cock on earth. She sucked him to the point where he was JUST about to blow his fucking wad deep into her throat and then all of a sudden, with no warning whatsoever she stopped! Aching and yearning for his mother’s mouth, Eddie just sat there. Almost as quickly as she had stopped sucking, Eddie’s mother lifted up her dress, pulled her panties over to the side and straddled her son’s lap. It was in that moment when she slid her sopping wet pussy down her son’s throbbing hard cock and…..well wouldn’t you like to know? If you want to know just how Eddie’s mother took care of him, then call me and I will tell you every single detail of me being a bad mommy!

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