I love his punishments because they make me CUM ALIVE!  I greeted him at the door wearing nothing but red and green ribbon wrapped around my body. Correspondingly, the way his face lit up, you would have thought I’d given him Season Tickets!

“So, Is this my Christmas present?” he asked with a smile.

“Yes, my love, I can’t wait for you to unwrap it.”

With a devilish smile, he bent; grabbing the ribbon at my waist with his teeth. The way I’d tied it, he was able to get the whole thing off me with one tug, and there I was naked as the day I was born.

He started licking my already wet pussy with his talented tongue.   was in heaven. When he moved around to the back and started licking my ass, something he seldom does, the juices started to flow from my pussy.  Meanwhile, standing up, he slammed his cock up my ass with one savage thrust; making me cry out with pain AND delight. I put my hands flat on the ground as he started to pound my asshole as he smacked my cheeks.

I’m not a fan of rough sex, but something about the way he ravaged me stirred me.  Pushing back against his cock he grabbed my hips and fucked me harder. Within minutes I felt his cum explode in my asshole and down my thighs.
He grabbed my head and turned me; shoving his cock down my throat.  Alternately gagging, I gulped as much as I could until; he shot another load all over my face.

Suddenly, he smiled & said “Thanks, babe” and strode off to the shower.  So, I plotted my revenge.  Wanna know how I handled THIS transgression? Follow me!

Don’t turn your back!


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!