BabySitter: When the Wife’s away the Husband will play

Babysitter and lust have gone hand in hand since teenagers have cornered the market and made it their own. A hot babysitter is a quintessential jack off source for many fathers around the world. Think about it: a hot, young teen coming into your home at night, sitting around for hours unattended, while the kids are asleep.

Some of my favorite porns are babysitter gone wild concepts. Of course, there is the classic kids are asleep so the babysitter takes that opportunity to snoop a little scenario. I masturbate to one fantasy in particular often: A teenage girl is babysitting a couple kids and they are long asleep. She takes that chance to look around a bit. While she is snooping she doesn’t notice the nanny camera hidden in a potted plant, recording her every move. She might even sneak a beer or two from the fridge.

Later that night the father comes home and confronts the babysitter about snooping, stealing alcohol and drinking underage.

 I often fantasize about how that would play out if I were the babysitter who got caught on camera, up to no good.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, little girl?” I hear a low voice ask me from across the room, startling me. “Oh! I’m so sorry, sir!” I quickly say, bringing my empty beer bottle to the trash. I could feel his heavy stare, boring into me. “You’re home early!” The words tumble out of my mouth before I even think about it.

“I saw you snooping through my house and drinking my beers, little girl. If you want me to keep this quiet you’re gonna have do something for me.”

He walks up to me and grabs me by the waist. Lifting me easily up unto the kitchen countertop, he stands between my thighs. My breath catches in my throat because I’m instantly turned but also very nervous at the same time.

“What do I have to do for you, Mr. Fernandez?” I ask him breathlessly.

“You’re gonna suck my dick, little girl. And you’re gonna swallow my whole load.”

I was scared and excited all at once. I licked my lips and said “alright…I’ll do it. But, please Mr. Fernandez, don’t tell your wife I was snooping through her things!”

He suddenly leans in and kisses me fully on the mouth, sliding his tongue between my lips. I can feel his hands on my waist and he picks me up and sets me on my feet again. Breaking this kiss apart, and unbuckling his belt, he frees his dick from his pants.

I can see precum beading the head and I slowly drop to my knees, eyeing his massive erection. Grabbing ahold of it tentatively, I lean forward and lick the precum off. I let his dick slid into my mouth and I began to give him a sloppy blowjob. I love to give head to my boyfriends and practice all the time.  So I was happy to suck Mr. Fernandez’ dick in exchange for him not telling his wife about me snooping and drinking beer while I was babysitting!

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