I was 15 when I first started working for the McClain family. They needed a part time babysitter for different occasions. Mrs. McClain always worked late hours so Mr. McClain was always the first to arrive home to relieve me of babysitting. I noticed he always stared at me but I never thought too much of it.


When I would go over to their house to babysit, I always pulled my long red hair into a high, flirty ponytail. I always had make up on, and my nails done. I would wear a tank top under a V-neck t-shirt with my short shorts with either flip flops or my jordans. In a since I knew I was teasing Mr.McClain. I mean after all its been 30 years since his wife was in high school and even looked similar to myself. The man had every right to look, plus its not like he would ever act on it. Would he?

One day while over at the McClain’s house I was watching the kids during the day. Mrs. McClain had to pick up an extra shift on a saturday and Mr. McClain had errands to run. After laying the children down for their naps, I didn’t think twice before putting on my swimsuit to go for a swim while they slept. I changed right there by the back patio door. My clothes were scattered all across the room.


As I was swimming laps listening to the monitor, it sounded like a door shut. Nervous, I got out of the pool to go check on the noise. I wanted to make sure the middle child didn’t wake up from a bad dream and was roaming the house scared. I walked upstairs and checked each room the kids were in and they were all tucked in fast asleep still. So I go back down stairs to go back to the pool, and thats when it happened. I ran straight into a naked Mr. McClain!!



Shocked by what I had just seen and felt, I let out a scream! But to my surprise Mr. McClain hurried and wrapped the towel around his exposed self and told me shhh before I wake the kids. He then firmly asked what I was doing at his house on a saturday. I told him that his wife called me saying she had to pick up an extra shift at work today. He then replied with “ hmph, funny thing how extra shifts work. She lied she has been seeing her boss from work the past few months.” In awe all I could scrounge up to say was I am deeply sorry to hear that.


It stayed quiet for a few moments and after thinking it through, I reached for Mr.McClain’s hand and pulled him close and said “ I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but you deserve to be happy to! I’ve seen the way you stare at me. Cover yourself up when I do certain things. And it’s okay! I feel the same! Thats why I always wear the choice of clothes I do!”


With one sleek movement Mr.McClain pulled me in close and bit my lip and proceeded to shove his tongue down my throat! It was so pleasurable. My body was becoming so warm, when it was originally shivering from the cold air of the house. He then spun me around forced my face down on the patio table yanked my swimming suit bottoms down and shoved his hard cock right into my tight ass. He stood there just for a minute to take in just how tight and warm my ass felt on his cock. He let out a deep moan that echoed a little bit off the walls. He thrust harder into my ass each time. Going faster and faster. Not stopping for anything. Man did having my ass filled all the way up feel amazing in every way possible! He was hitting such sensitive spots I couldn’t help my body when it convulsed. He kept ramming his cock in and out, harder and harder, faster and faster till he couldn’t stand it any longer and he filled my juicy pink ass all the way to the rim with his sticky white goodness! How how good it felt. And how I kept my ass clenched really tight to keep it all in.

After words Mr.McClain walked upstairs to his room. I went and took a shower really fast in the downstairs bathroom. My legs were so weak from him thrusting I could hardly walk a normal pace. Oh but the secret I now held about the McClain family pleased me beyond anything else imaginable. I could now get whatever I want. After all Mr.McClain was a bad boy and slept with a slutty underage babysitter!




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