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I loved being a babysitter when I was a teen girl.  I worked for quite a few families in my neighborhood, but I always had one that was my favorite.  His name was Jon and he was a single dad.  There was some speculation around the block as to why he was single, but he was a hot daddy and I loved to do anything he asked.  His kids always went to bed early and easily, so I had plenty of time to get myself ready for him when he came home.

I think all men have a fantasy about fucking their hot teen babysitter, and Jon was no different.  He would always smile and look away, blushing when he saw me.  He’s still sky even though I had watched his kids for over a year.  He was such an easy target for a cock hungry teen slut!  I was ready to go in for the kill!

He came in late, around twelve thirty in the morning.  He would always text me to tell me he was on his way.  I stripped down to nothing but my hot pink cotton panties, ready for my big perky tits to greet him as he opened the door.  It was obvious he was drunk as he fumbled with his keys.  He opened the door and his mouth dropped at the sight of my naked body.

I didn’t want him to have time to think or protest.  I approached him, bouncing my tits, and got down on my knees.  Then I undid his pants and released his large throbbing cock.  It was like it instantly got hard just from looking at me.   This wasn’t nearly my first time with a cock in my mouth and I wanted to show him what I could do.  I took every inch of his dick down my throat, right to the base, licking his tight balls with my tongue.

Even though he had been drinking, my mouth was no match for whiskey dick.  He grabbed he back of my hair and began fucking my face.  My eyes began to water as I gagged on all his meat.  I could taste the pre cum, I could feel his cock twitching, and I knew it wouldn’t be long.  I pulled his cock out of my mouth ad begged for him to shower me in his hot load.  It felt amazing!

We had an ongoing affair for a while after that.  No man can resist a hot babysitter like Kitty!

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