Babysitter sex stories are a kinky experience

Especially, when the babysitter sex stories are from a young lady’s compliance is being forced by a couple into being their sexual servant. Don’t get me wrong I love my job. The variety of all the kinky sexy fun to play is always stimulating for a phone sex girl. But babysitter scenarios are one of my favorite roles to play during age play phone sex. Of course, it helps that I have actually fantasized about being blackmailed or forced.

GFE charming southern MILF phone sex is what you get every time you call me unless we age play, role play or you want to hear stories of my sexual adventures. Like the time I used blackmail to force this juices young lady into being my personal servant. I turned her into my body servant lol sexual and personal. It was so erotic having this lol let’s say 18-year-old girl shaving my legs and keeping my pussy trimmed up. LOL, oh my yes. The feel of her fingers sliding all over my pussy, while I am laying there nude. Ugh, I get swollen just remembering it.

That is one of the reasons I like blackmail phone sex, using my experiences from when I forced young women to have sex when their minds said no, until their bodies screames “DEAR GODS YES”. They always agreed verbally on video before I would touch them. It makes me feel so powerful when I make a young woman accept her place as my doll. When I know that no matter what her voice says her heart is saying no. Yet I make her become the sex slave to me and fuck any cock I tell her too. I do so love watching my lovers cock slide into a tight young pussy.

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