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Want another of my babysitter sex stories? I got a dog sitter named Alex to take care of my Tank who had just had surgery while David and I went out for the day. When David and I returned, I hear Alex obviously in sexual throes I thought it was cell phone sex. But it was Alex and one of my porn movies was playing on the TV. Alex, this chubby nude bleach blonde beauty, was ramming the neck of a wine bottle up her hot wet cunt. When we walked in she froze in shock. Looking so guilty yet aroused. As we walked towards her we teased her about having looked through our “collection.” And remarked how hot she looked with that bottle rammed in and out of her pussy.

I quickly moved to her side and grabbed the bottle and began to stroke it in and out of her hot cunt. I bent down and licked her exposed clit.  David proceeded to strip me, removing my skirt and blouse to reveal my full firm tits and shaved pink pussy.  I pulled the wine bottle out of her pussy and began to eat her in earnest as David stripped, showing off his magnificent stiff cock.

David moved to my exposed cunt and began to lick my swollen clit and cunt lips as he probed my anus with two fingers.  I begged David to fuck my cunt and Alex watched as David slowly rammed his big dick up in my pussy.

As I ate Alex’s cunt, making her cum and cum and cum.

Finally, I climaxed and David pulled out of my stretched pussy. He asked if he could fuck Alex.  She said, “I am not wearing my diaphragm I am afraid of getting pregnant but would LOVE to suck you off.”

David was delighted and straddled her, offering his stiff cock to Alex’s waiting mouth. She devoured his cock, ramming it deeply down her throat and sucking it like a big popsicle. While I continued to probe her cunt and asshole with magic fingers.

Soon David could not hold out any longer and began to cum. He filling her mouth and throat with his thick creamy load.  She swallowed most of his sperm but some managed to leak out onto her tits where I quickly licked up David’s seed while sucking her still erect nipples. Alex pulled my face up and we shared cleaning David’s cock. LOL, of course, that kept his cock at the full glorious mast.

At that point, I could not help kissing Alex. Our tongues twining around David’s cock as he gently thrust into our faces. LOL that was the start of a glorious weekend. I may write a part two… or

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