Really hot Babysitter sex stories

It happened before I began my babysitting journey but this is one of the hottest babysitter sex stories. I’m no longer going to keep this just a naughty thought I masturbate to I’m ready to talk about the time I caught daddy fucking the babysitter. It was a Friday night and I went to the movies with friends. Daddy called the babysitter for my younger brother while he and mom went out. They arrived home earlier than I did. I let myself in the house and when I walked passed daddy’s office I saw the light was on. Because I’m daddy’s girl I couldn’t go to bed without saying goodnight, right? But when I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes. She’s on her back, laying on daddy’s desk with her legs wrapped around daddy’s waist. Was I pissed, hurt and jealous? YES! I mean she was very pretty.

She had long brown wavy hair

Her piercing green eyes were captivating and I was always jealous of her curves. Now that I think about I had a little crush on her myself. This didn’t stop my jealousy but I if there is one thing I learned it’s never question daddy. But I guess now I know how she’s paying for her college tuition. After pulling his cock out of her Daddy called me over by his side and could see the hurt in my eyes. Putting his hand around my waist he calls me his little princess and orders the sitter to remove my clothes. She does as she’s told she must know about daddy’s dominant side. Daddy sits back into his chair and watches as he instructs her to lick my cunt. At the time the only lesbian sex I had ever engaged in was with my sister but that was just exploring. ‘

I against the desk while she slipped her tongue inside me

She was impressive with her tongue and even made my legs shake. Her fingers were so gentle as she ran them up the back of my legs and up to ass. I push myself back further on the desk spreading my legs further apart for daddy’s view. It was pretty sexy watching him jerk off while she ate my pussy. Of course lesbian sex isn’t the only thing we did because daddy found himself in the middle later on. I had never shared daddy’s cock with anyone before. He slipped his cock inside her and then inside me. Daddy went back and fourth fucking out cunts before shooting his load into her mouth. Again I get jealous she gets to taste daddy but then she snowballed me and the jealousy started to fade.

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