Babysitter sex stories for a growing young boy

Babysitter sex stories. You aren’t safe from anyone if you’re young and hung. Since you were a little boy, you’ve always been a bit big for your age. Mommy was the first to notice during bath time. Before you reached double digits, you were putting daddy to shame. She got more curious every day until you two started having secret ‘tug parties’. Mommy would sit you on her lap and tug at your ‘rope’ and if the white stuff came out, she won. She always won. You never understood why it had to be kept a secret from daddy but she specifically said that, if daddy found out, the tug parties would have to stop. So you kept your mouth shut.

Then your big sister got an eyeful…

…of your package and started sneaking into your bedroom at night because she was ‘lonely’. She’d hold you so close, putting your face in between her beautiful teen tits. You remember apologizing over and over again for getting her thighs dirty that one time. But she said she’d forgive you IF you put it in the right place next time. Soon, the two of you were playing your own little games of ‘hide the rabbit in the rabbit hole’. You lost those games too but you got better at it each time. But your sister had to go away to college eventually and you needed someone to watch you on weekend nights.

That’s when you met me.

Your big-titted babysitter developed a liking for washing you down there with my mouth. It became so addicting to me that I’d do it two or even three times a night. It’s so cute that you’re still so naive and don’t know what’s going on. I wonder what you’re going to think when sex education finally rolls around for you.

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