I babysit for a lot of families. The Jacksons are one of my favorite families. Neil is one fine specimen for a dad. Jill is one sexy mommy and they both get my sexy young pussy all wet! The kids are fun and easy to sit, making this gig so awesome. Neil and Jill are so in love and it is exciting to see their passion. It surprised Neil and both when this babysitter ruins orgasm moment happened.

I had arrived and he said he needed time to finish getting ready. This happens often and I start working with the kids while he is finishing. I am getting their dinner ready while they are finishing their homework. Once they are eating, I am checking their homework so they can fix anything wrong when they are done eating. We have a routine we are following every time I sit for them. Tonight, one of them had a question I couldn’t answer so I went to ask Neil.

I was walking into his study, and bam, babysitter ruins orgasm!

Talk about embarrassing for both of us! Of course, it is also hot I get to see his huge cock as he is pounding away at it. Let me tell you, this is some of the awesome stuff I love sharing on my Tight Teen Phone Sex. Having moments like this give me the real-life experiences to get you hard and happy. Consequently, poor Neil is not loving the moment as much as I am but hey, that’s life.

In all honesty, Neil is embarrassed at first but then, he is even more turned on as I am staring at him without covering my eyes. I think he is shocked I am not embarrassed and I am boldly keeping my eyes on that fine pecker of his. Of course, I can’t act on the babysitter ruins orgasm moment with the kids waiting for me. I ask him my question as he is continuing to beat off and then go back to the kids.

Now, he is still in there as I am getting the kids ready for bed.

Even though I am wondering why he isn’t leaving, down deep I know. His curiosity is peaked now that he saw how bold I am around cocks. I know he is waiting for the kids to be asleep so he can see how far he can push me. He has no clue what a naughty girl I am and what he is getting into with me. Come on, I do things like the School Girl Cum Facial fun with our football team!

Neil is chump change in my sexual world. Additionally, I will rock his world and spoil him for Jill. Well, maybe not spoil him. He will be asking her to let me play with them once I have given him sexual pleasure. That is if I give him any pleasure tonight. I have always fantasized about him and Jill together because they are both so sexy. Our babysitter ruins orgasm moment could provide the opportunity for that fantasy if I play my cards right.

The kids are out cold and I head into his study.

I ask him if he is still going out and he says he hasn’t decided yet. Of course, he isn’t stroking his cock anymore. He invites me to sit down and chat. He is telling me how surprised he was by my babysitter ruins orgasm moment but now he is feeling very turned on by it. Jill and he were just on the phone and she is equally turned on. Then, he is asking how I feel about sex with the two of them. Yes!

I hear Jill’s car pulling into the garage and her heels clicking on the floor. As she is walking into the study she is stripping down to her lingerie. Oh my gosh, she is even hotter without clothes. When I turn back to Neil, he is down to his boxers and crossing the room to us. Wow, this is happening and my sexy little pussy is getting very wet! Jill is standing next to me. She is leaning down and we kiss.

Her lips are like silk.

Neil has pulled the sofa bed out and they are guiding me to it as they are helping me undress. Once he drops his boxers, that huge cock is rising for our fun. From there it is insane all the fun things we are doing. I bet you want to know the details too. Well, for that, you have to call me baby.