A late night of babysitting the young boys.

She just put the boys to bed and went to lay on the couch to wait for the parents to get back home from their date. She made herself some tea and grabbed a blanket and started reading more of her book that she started earlier that week. Little did she know, the young boys were in their rooms watching porn together! After a little while passes, she starts to hear little noises, the boys moan.

On her way to check on them, she could start to hear the audio of the porn getting louder and louder as she got closer to their room. She turned the knob and pushed open the door to reveal the teenagers watching porn and stroking their dicks. They both jumped in embarrassment and surprise.

She hushed them and told the young boys she wouldn’t tell anyone what she saw as long as she gets to see both of the boys taste their own cum. The boys both agreed and she closed the door behind her and watched the boys continue to stroke themselves. She demands the boys to switch it up, she tells them to stroke each others cock while watching their porn. Of course, they did what they were told.

She loved watching their cocks getting stroked like that. The babysitter wanted a taste and she wanted some of the action! Nice and slowly, she gets naked in front of the young boys. Her panties were the last to leave her body and the boys watched them fall around her ankles which such wide eyes and hard cocks.

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The babysitter gets on her knees in front of both teenagers and spits in both hands. She starts rubbing on these boys slippery spit covered cocks. Quietly, she whispers to the boys not to cum yet. She wanted them to enjoy this a little longer. They’ve never experienced this kind of pleasure, it was hard for them to hold back from cumming.

Finally, she starts sucking on the older one’s cock. She had her lips pressed nice and tight and she could feel him trying not to cum. She was so eager, she told both boys to stand up next her so she can taste both at the same time. The babysitter licked, sucked, and slurped all over those young cocks. She made them blow each other while she played with her wet pussy. The boys had never seen a pussy in real life or up close before!

She taught them how to be good at pussy licking sex and she enjoyed feeling both of their young tongues rubbing softly on her clit. She made them both cum into their own cup so they can drink and taste themselves. Of course, they didn’t mind at all. They loved all of her commands and they always did what they were told. After all, you should always clean up after yourself!

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