Baby Dick

Hey there, baby dick! What’s up?
Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you!

Before we start, here’s a link to your people’s anthem.
Bookmark it and sing it loud and proud, every single day, to remind you how tiny and pathetic that little cock is!

Dirt Nasty – Baby Dick

So to continue! How do you KNOW if you have a baby dick or not, you ask? Well, this is my own personal baby dick measuring stick: If the last time you saw one that size, you had a diaper in one hand and rash cream in the other… you  got a baby dick! 

I know, that’s so mean! But the bratty Humiliatrix in me just can’t help herself – it’s SO much fun degrading you about that tiny little cock and those  itty bitty marbles you call balls! And we both know that the more I challenge your manhood? The harder that cute ‘lil baby dick gets in your pants!

Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s not your fault you have a baby dick. And there are lots of things you’re still good for – really!

* massaging my feet after a long night of tending bar
* doing my laundry so I don’t break my nails
* making dinner because I dont’ like to cook
* giving me your credit card so I can buy pretty things
* taking it in the ass when I feel like bending you over like a little girl

The list goes on, but you get the idea! I mean, you don’t really think I would let you FUCK me with that little baby dick – do you? Just because you have no dick doesn’t necessarily mean you have no brain! I’m sure you know that tiny pathetic cocks have no place inside this premium slice of heaven!  The best you can hope for is to worship my feet, do my bidding, and maybe one of these days, lick a big BBC creampie out of my gorgeous little cunt IF you’re very lucky!

Now, now.  Don’t cry, sweetheart!
If you do that, I’ll have to put your pathetic ass in a pair of my girly little panties! Of course, that baby dick is SO tiny, I doubt it would even make a bump in the front! THEN I’d have to email it to all my friends, so they could have a good laugh too! Every time they come over, I know you hear them snickering when you walk by! I MIGHT have told them about your baby dick. Ooops! And who knows who they told about it – my friends just LOVE to share some juicy gossip!

Now come here and suck my toes. =)

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