Between My Ass Cheeks

Somebody is spending today with the taste of my ass in their mouth. I bet you’re so jealous of Cal right now, aren’t you? He got up close and personal with my sweet tasty ass last night and he did such a good job I think I might make him my personal ass licker. Although his girlfriend might wonder why her sweet, devoted boyfriend was suddenly going around smelling like ass. That kind of thing would be hard to explain.

   We were naked and I was sitting on his face expecting my pussy to get eaten out when he nudged me forward a bit. I could feel his warm breath on my ass then a rough wet tongue sliding over my ass hole. His hands were on my thighs and he licked me a bit harder, a long wet swipe over my hole again. It was rough and it tickled but in a way that made me shiver. My nipples got harder and my pussy got wet as he did it.  I leaned forward and told him to keep going.
He did and soon my hole was wet with his spit. It was fun and I wanted more so I climbed off him and knelt on all fours in front of him. I put a hand behind me and spread my ass cheeks apart, showing him my wet hole. “Stick your tongue in there,” I told him and he grinned at me, licking his lips. “You’re such a dirty slut,” he told me and put his hands on my ass, holding me wide open. I could feel his breath on me as he licked over my hole then push the tip of his tongue inside it.

I clenched around it and tried to relax as he pushed it in and out of me.

So I got used to it and he started to push more of his tongue inside. My hole loosened up as he stretched it a little more open. He licked around my hole, darting his tongue over the rings of muscle and it felt so good. I pushed my ass back on him and told him to keep going while my juices began to leak out of me. He went faster, moaning and panting, it felt like a dog was back there licking me as his tongue moved all over and inside my hole.
I murmured “You like that don’t you, boy?” and reached up, putting my hand on the back of his head. I pushed him down, shoving his face between my cheeks and held him there. He stopped licking me and I wiggled his head back and forth, smooshing him with my cheeks and giving him all of it. His hands slipped on me and I could feel him nuzzling me. His breath tickled my wet skin and I smothered him with my ass for a few minutes.

I thought the filthy ass licker would enjoy breathing in my scent.

I finally let him go and rolled over so I could see him. His face was flushed and he went to kiss me but I stopped him. My hole was wet, loosened up and needed a lot more than a tongue in it. Only a big, hard dick in that hole would make me happy now. “Get the lube. My ass is ready for a fucking.” I told him and watched as he practically flew off the bed.

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